IDC predicts “just shy of 1.5 million” tablets sold by the end of 2011

Tablets are no doubt becoming more popular in Canada. Apple has the iPad, Samsung has the Galaxy Tab, Palm will potentially release the Opal, Motorola has the Xoom, HTC is rumoured to launch the Flyer, RIM has the BlackBerry PlayBook… many to choose from.

Research firm IDC has released the “Canadian Media Tablet Market 2010-2014″ which gives a forecast of the tablet market in Canada for the next few years. They state there will be “just shy of 1.5 million devices installed by the end of 2011 in Canada”… “Installed” is the total number of devices that have been sold in the market and this number includes 2010 stats.

Krista Napier, senior analyst, Canadian Emerging Technology and Digital Media said “Media tablets turned heads in 2010 with the introduction of the iPad. With market demand now established, competing vendors are readying to launch their own versions of these multifunctional, lightweight devices. As a result, we can expect the next six months to be overwhelming in terms of product launches, screen sizes, platforms, price points, and feature sets that pick up where the first version of the iPad left off.”

Will you be one of the 1.5 million who purchase a tablet this year?

Source: IDC