TELUS releases the Android 2.2 LG Optimus 3G


  • Colin

    Are you guys trying to make a funny with your title? A 3G phone on a 4G network? Why do you feel the need to make things worse then these telecoms already have abusing the technology generation labels?

    Just stop with the whole 4G thing ok. Your are a pawn in their marketing game and your intelligence as well as ours is being abused.

    • mda

      If it is called the LG Optimus 3G, what would you like them to write, the LG Optimus 5G, or wait, the Optimus 4.000001G?

    • Jason

      anything 3G is CDMA and the LG Optimus 3G is CDMA, the LG Optimus One works on HSPA,

      High Speed Packet Access is considered 4G in North America, it is the first transition to LTE speeds

      so Telus Mobility is not playing any marketing games,

  • Rick Whitley

    I don’t get it, I guess the processor must be faster than the Optimus One?

  • Jason

    LG Optimus 3G
    Technology CDMA 800/1900
    Screen 3.2″, HVGA 320×480
    Weight 133 grams
    Size 113.5 x 59 x 13.3 mm
    Talk time* up to 5 hours
    Standby time* up to 18.5 days
    Internal memory 145MB internal flash memory
    External memory up to 32GB
    Camera 3.2MP

    LG Optimus One
    Technology HSPA 850/1900 & Quad band EDGE
    Screen 3.2″, HVGA 320×480
    Weight 127 grams
    Size 113.5 x 59 x 13.3 mm
    Talk time* up to 5 hours
    Standby time* up to 18.5 days
    Internal memory 150MB internal flash memory
    External memory up to 32GB
    Camera 3.2MP

  • sdfkgjasdklgj

    isn’t that the lg optimus v? perhaps they meant the lg optimus 3D, since i dont think an lg optimus 3g exists…

    but that still doesn’t explain the picture or the listed specs..

  • Jason has the LG Optimus 3G listed in smartphones, it exists

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Yeah this is basically just like the CDMA Optimus V / S / M that is sold in the States. I don’t know why they decided to launch it on their older network… maybe so they can sell it in the provinces where they don’t have native HSPA yet?

    • Telus Guy

      An LG rep confirmed that it was originally only supposed to be launched in placed with no HSPA coverage, but a decision was made to launch the phone across the nation.

  • Alex Perrier


    Because with CDMA one is stuck to their original provider almost all the time. HSPA is the exact opposite.

    The CDMA price is ridiculous, if even true.

  • Alex Perrier

    “If you are not in a HSPA zone, your phone costs more outright. Plus, it uses the old CDMA network!”

    Not very fair. 🙁

  • jnrbshp

    its the same phone, but cdma….so i assume the price is a typo, right??

    • OMG Ponies!

      No price is correct, CDMA phone are bloody expensive to make b/c really only North America uses them. Low demand means higher cost to the Cell companies to have them manufactured.

      At least people not in HSPA coverage can get an android in Canada now.

  • Pizza Pocket

    So it’s a more pricy phone for a dumb down version of the Optimus one?

  • sookster54

    It’s CDMA, and why would you want this over the much cheaper Optimus One? sheesh

  • aka

    This would be for folks that aren’t within 4G coverage but still want some Android love.

  • Arshad

    Wonder if that means those who have unlimited data plans on the CDMA network could tether via the 3G Wifi Hotspot.

  • NagoyaX

    ????? wtf with the price???

  • Pete Smith

    I think some of you have forgotten that some people in Canada do not have HSPA service yet. For those customers who want smartphones but only CDMA network is available to them, at least there is an option.

  • Cody

    ummmmmmm, why is this $529, and why would someone pay that much when the one is $199??????? They are like, the same….

  • renidrag

    i have a couple of phones, one is a touch pro 2 with unlimited data, called Telus, the rep said my plan could be switched to this phone and I would have unlimited tethering with 3g wifi ???? She gotta be wrong ?

  • renidrag

    if she isn’t….pretty tempting.

  • Alex Perrier

    Sprint has a CDMA LG Optimus S for $299 outright. Telus’ price is way out of range.

  • taytay


  • skullan

    Telus still has people on the Unlimited Email and IM ’15 plans. These were unlimited everything, including data.

    If they are releasing phones out there that are compatible with these plans, then some may jump on that. Especially if they are able to be tethered.

    If the price comes down, I would look at buying one.

  • renidrag

    The telus rep I talked to said I could tether with my unlimited plan. Has anyone else been told this ?

  • Mi Niqa’

    Real Embarrasiin

  • Mi Niqa’

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  • Sammi

    This phone has tons of glitches. The phone says that a message hasn’t sent, when it has. I am not able to get messages sometimes, and everything force closes. My sister has this phone too, and it says that the battery is over heating and it shuts down. It could have potential, but its certainly not reaching anything near it.