TELUS launching LTE “in early 2012”


  • Terry

    There’s should be a correction.

    The left side is the speeds you’ll get now and when LTE is launched, and the right side is the potential speeds they will advertise that you can reach.


    • Geoff

      Wait, so you’re saying they would advertise a 72 MEGA bps connection as a 190 KILO bps? Am I missing something here because I could swear 72 mbps is higher than 190 kbps.

  • Rikin

    Useless. There’s no point of launching LTE when data plans will be limited to 1 or 2gb and unaffordable. Even Wind’s so-called inifinite data is limited to 5GB – after that the speed is capped. Mobilicity’s unlimited data does not allow streaming at all.

    This LTE is totally useless.

    • Matt

      Exactly. Now we can eat through our data plans even quicker! I also don’t see the point of LTE phones right now, other than tethering. Websites aren’t going to run much quicker because it’s the phone that can’t render it quick enough as is.

    • bummy

      “Mobilicity’s unlimited data does not allow streaming at all.”

      Is this in their OLD ToS? I can’t find that on their website at all.

    • Geoff

      Yeah, because being able to load web pages or download apps faster has absolutely no value. That’s why I always prefer 802.11 B over 802.11 G or N. After all, who cares about how long it takes as long as it gets there eventually, right?

      I understand that doing something as simple as loading a relatively large web page faster is lost on some people, but if I’m doing something like reading a forum I prefer to spend more time reading and less time waiting for it to load. It doesn’t mean that I will suddenly be able to read 10x faster so this isn’t going to make my actual data use larger. Just faster.

    • Geoff

      @Matt: Sorry, I missed this when responding at first. I actually think that the phones in early/mid 2012 will be able to render pages faster than HSPA+ speeds, though I could be wrong. Still, downloading apps will be faster which means you can use them sooner.

  • Luqman

    Any word on when Rogers will Launch their LTE network? Did they even start building them yet? Cuz if it will be Launched in 2012 like Telus, I will have to pass on those “4G” phones and jump on the LTE bandwagon.

    • zorxd

      I wouldn’t hold my breath on LTE. Now that HSPA+ has been re-branded “4G”, the carriers have no intransitives to hurry LTE deployment.

  • zorxd

    So will it be LTE on 1700 MHz? The 700 MHz band won’t be auctioned by “early 2012”, so it’s not a possibility, not even in major urban centers.

  • PeZzy

    I LOL-ed when I saw the upload speed. If you want to be a progressive company then you will provide your customers with video capable speeds.

  • NS

    What does the AWS spectrum (1700/2100) LTE mean for consumers? This does not seem like the preferred freqs for LTE in the States or in Europe, but I can be wrong. SO when it does launch in 2012 all the devices will be made 2nd tier and probably no iPhone or Android unless they go with these fres in the States as well. The 700Mhz is the real deal but that’s a long way off.

    • zorxd

      700 MHz will be a US frequency. Probably in Canada too (as we always copy the US), but not before 2013 or so.
      Europe will be using other frequencies such as 2100, 2600, 800 MHz.

      The 1700 MHz will probably be used by AT&T (after the purchase of T-Mobile) in the US.

      But we can bet that once again, most of the world will use different frequencies and we will get phones late because of that. Shame.

  • J

    Holy Jesus it’s 10x faster than my home internet…but 100 times less bandwidth…ya the current “4G” seems fine to me.

  • dan

    So if you have a 6 gig plan you can have 0 in a matter of < 10 minutes!!

    Im guessing when they launch we will be lucky for a 10 GB cap!

  • aka

    Never fails to see the same old comments time and time again on how fast you can burn through the data limits.

    That’s like saying you have a car that has a 60 litre tank, consumes 10 litres/100 km on highway, that has a top speed of 250 km/hr, and complaining that due to the 60 litre tank you can burn through it in 2.5 hours!! Really?

    Seriously, I’d certainly like to know what kind of apps you people are using that requires 5GB in 10 mins (based on Dan’s calculations).

    • julio

      aka: “Seriously, I’d certainly like to know what kind of apps you people are using that requires 5GB in 10 mins (based on Dan’s calculations).”

      Well… there’s a lot of high-bandwith ads on porn sites, don’t cha know… 😉

      But seriously, it does seem like a lot. Perhaps they’re running a P2P client?

    • dan


      Do we really need 70 mbps on a phone to browse some html web pages? No.. Would 10 – 20 suffice? Yes. Obviously the increased speeds are meant for the high bandwidth usages such as tethering

  • Rich

    LTE? Sounds great. I was concerned about contracting into an HSPA+ phone anyways.
    I imagine the LTE phones will be backwards compatible with HSPA+ so it should be good news.

  • BigC_13

    Am I the only one who died a little on the inside that their calling it 4g+ ?? its 4g, thats it, there is no plus about it. God dam marketers

  • telusJIM

    dude you’re getting better than decent speeds

  • Erick

    Did anyone else notice that upload speed? My 3G phone can get 2-3mbps upload speed, and this LTE got 190kbps. Upload is important too people, especially if you wanna video chat