Rogers CTO on LTE: “We’ll be the first in Canada to deploy it”


  • midtoad

    Who cares about LTE? How about just providing the same coverage as your competitors? Everywhere I go in the mountains of Western Canada, Bell/Telus often have coverage while you do not. Ironically, no Rogers coverage in the Rogers Pass!

    • Larry

      Coverage or there lack of was my main reason for leaving.I thout that was quit funny that Telus/Bell have coverage in Rogers pass but Rogers has sweet dick all.Rogers was first for alot but never finish there still working on HSPA although they started years before Telus/Bell.Telus/Bell had more HSPA coverage at day of launch.Shire they will have LTE in top ten city’s.Then Telus/Bell will come along and offer more when they go LTE.Rogers will be behind the again.

  • HighDefiniasian

    A decently priced unlimited plan to go along with the speed would be nice…

  • Matt Graham

    Right… and they were the first to do data sharing plans (ok, maybe the first to advertise it). Right. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • rudiox

    They better NOT charge us more to get LTE!

  • Jordan

    When one in every four people in a country have your phone you SHOULD be looking for major upgrades. Instead of you know.. being Rogers.

  • baconeater

    Offering hi-end handsets, with good coverage and LTE (not Telus 4G btw) is about the only way the big 3 can differentiate themselves from the mobi-winds of the world. I am nearing the end of a 3 yr contract with Fido in July, but am seriously considering early cancellation to get wind’s $35 ultd plan…but then again a true 4g dual/multi core handset is tempting…

  • Wire-less-guru

    Roger’s needs to enhance there HSPA network before going on to bigger and better things…..IMO

  • phuzzykiller

    Prepare to bend over once more if you want to enjoy Rogers’ LTE. Gotta love their over-inflated rates….
    I’ll take a pass on that, and wait for Wind or Mobi to come to Kitchener/Waterloo (if that ever happens this decade…)

  • steve

    4G and 50+ Mbps downloads are an absolute moot point when you don’t offer any decent/affordable data plan. 4G starts to show real value when you get into unlimited data plans. Before that it is just a marketing gimmick.

    • Canadianman20

      Well with 4G I am sure the data caps will rise, I just hope they dont go Wind style and just kill your speed after 5 GB are used. I mean whats the point of unlimited when they stick you on dial up speed.

    • chall2k5

      they dont drop your speed to dial-up speeds I’ve used 13 GB this month, and on can still get 2.4 down and 1.0 up….during peak times

      you are only throttled if its necessary, and Wind’s network is nowhere near capacity

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      Chall what do you mean the network is no where near capacity? Tony is constantly saying it is.. that is why the issues with call quality and dropped calls.. that is what he is saying.. so I think you have to revisit your statement

  • lukeiphone

    Wind Mobile, where are youuuuuuuuuu????///

  • Dude

    Unbelievable! They are actually testing 4g? Are you kidding me? USA has been using LTE for the past year now. I don’t get why Canada is always behind 10 yrs. Than other countries.

    • jB

      Um, no they haven’t. Europe’s had it for a couple of years, but the US has only started recently.

  • JaJa

    The only thing irritating me about Rogers (since I’m in toronto, have 6gb data, and run retention), is that their freaking phones are a year behind everyone else… the vibrant was out a good 3 months before the captivate, and they didn’t even bother working out the GPS problems before the delayed release… The worst part however, is that their phones either have major internal or support(x10) problems, or they come out way too late. I’m sticking with my htc magic until they come out with something worthwhile, or I can afford the desire HD from telus :S

  • Easterner

    A lot of Rogers customers in the Maritimes would be happy with 2G as opposed to… nothing. Does 4G mean twice nothing?

  • A. Sheikh

    Know before you comment that this news is about LTE,and not 4G. There is huge difference between LTE and 4G, and 4G is not implemented yet.

  • seller

    Why don’t you worry about making the rest of your network 3G as opposed to worrying if u can get LTE first!?? Rogers you are pathetic..