Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi now has an “estimated release date” of April 6th

When Motorola announced that the XOOM was coming to Canada they didn’t actually give a release date, they only stated sometime “mid-year”. It was Future Shop and Best Buy that revealed on their websites that the Android 3.0 tablet had an estimated date of first on April 8th, then got pushed back April 15th.

With the iPad 2 already available and the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook widely available on the 19th both Best Buy and Future Shop now show the “estimated release date” has been pushed forward to April 6th. The XOOM will have its fair share of competition but this is good news for those wanting to pick it up… but it’s still an estimated date, nothing is confirmed. You’ll also be able to buy the XOOM at TELUS for the same $599.99 no-contract price.

Source: Best Buy & Future Shop
(Thanks Brent!)