Nexus S dummy devices arrive at Rogers locations


  • tj


  • Emperuman R

    Nothing more like a dummy to feel how the actual phone is 😛

  • Steve Garon

    This is the most idiotic thing. Dummy phone don’t make you buy anything. I when to the mall last weekend thinking I could get my hands on an Atrix and a Desire Z to get the feel of them. But they only had dummys or the phone wheren’t charged. Apple knows there s**t in that regard. They have real units that you can test. You can even make phone calls!

    Put real phones on display and for crying out loud CHARGE THEM!

    • Jay Chan

      I am sure they are charged. You’re probably one of those annoying customers who comes to play with the phones but never buys anything.

  • sacksy

    oh yay! oh yay! oh yay!

  • jak


  • Rookie

    slow day at mobilesyrup.. No news to report ha ?

  • Kyron John

    Since the Palm Pre 2 fiasco (MobileSyrup had pictures of the actual device and the retail box months and months before it finally launched), I don’t believe that dummy units mean anything is imminent but I hope I’m wrong.

  • britney

    It’s actually getting a little annoying. I’m glad Canada is getting this phone but the secrecy around it is pretty ridiculous. The phone is how old? Canadian carriers and FS/BB are acting as though this is the first time the WORLD will see it. Give a date. Give a price. The carriers are only embarrassing themselves. People who want it have most likely already researched the crap out of it and are just waiting for it to show up. Keeping any info about it all bottled up as if to try and create hype just looks stupid when how many other countries have already had it released for how long? Put it on the shelves, people. Stop acting like you have something others don’t.

    • jbarns

      seems like they are trying to mimic apple with all the hush hush.

  • oats

    britney has a point. She always has a point and I agree.

    The Canadian carriers believe Canadians are stupid, backward, second class and good for a proper gouging. And the strange thing about it is that Canadians behave as though that are quite content to be mightily gouged.

    The carriers always bring old stuff, dumping the left-overs here and we just lap it up. See how RIM treats the Americans? With utmost respect! We get a Blackberry? They get a Blackberry too! At the same time and for the same price.

  • monsterduc1000

    C’mon, no need to call it names. It may not be a dual core phone, but it is no dummy…

  • ken

    its funny how reports all say when its expected and by who, and futureshop says its going to be in stock on the 15th, and ppl are pre ordering , and no one has a we’re preordering something we dont know how much its going to be, so ridiculous

  • Ben

    This might be a silly question, but will the Rogers/Bell version of the Nexus S be compatible with their 3G networks? (Keeping in mind that the original US version didn’t work on their wireless bands)

    • Sub-Joker

      Yes it will.

  • Sub-Joker

    I honestly think this phone should have been released a month or so ago. Previously with the nexus one, it was barely two months between the T-Mobile variant and the at&t one. Why did it take Google and Samsung 4 months to give away the at&t variant??

  • shillo

    I think they are hush-hush about it because either Google isn’t letting them talk/reveal prices OR the big three are waiting to see how much it would cost at Mob/Wind and then release their price/info.

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    Dummies? Chall, Mikie and Justin Imbecile were at Rogers looking at the phone? Nice! They might as well look at it because Wind will be slow in getting it.. or have limited quantities..

  • Kevin

    @Rocco, every company will be releasing it at the same time. And every company will get the quantity they have decided they need. If Robellus was going to be getting it first or getting a better quantity, they would be advertising such. Example… Telus ” GET THE NEXUS S HERE FIRST!”…Rogers ” GUARANTEED TO GET YOU YOUR NEXUS S ON *date*”. I’m not saying WIND is getting the same amount of hardware as the big 3, since they have more subscribers, but each company will have put in a request that best suits what they think they will need.

  • billford

    Nexus S, another phone with a big screen, faster processor,
    does this, does that…
    Problem with a phone that does everything is that you can’t use a whole lot of the features to have decent battery life.

    If you relying on getting important phone calls and your not near a place to charge it, you can’t really use any of the fancy features of it. I hope the manufactures start getting these things to run efficiently to use all these features.

  • Burner

    Granted it’s a late model phone that works great but the real question and issue will be how much the carriers will work together to gouge the $ out of us.

    The carriers are releasing the N-s at the same time so I don’t expect any of them to be competitive on price at all. I would like to be wrong but Telus clearing out their inventory could mean they are wanting to limit our choices to phones that cost more and are in high demand by the consumer market. Think the cost of gasoline……….

  • Kevin

    A sales rep at a WIND store informed me it won’t be more than 450 but I have a feeling she is wrong. IF it stays below 500 I can only see them offering it for 490. IF it stays below 500…


    Rogers network sucks. I usually get 1.2-2mb/s while I get 6.2, 6.5 with virgin with the same damn phone. Plus they charge a GRRF. While would you guys sign with em?!!
    (unless you have an unbeatble retention plan, then I’d understand)