Update: BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone available April 26th?


  • Brigitte C

    Shouldnt they keep it just for blackberry users only?

    • Anon

      Rim is getting Pissed Brigitte that other apps like WhatsApp, Kik Messenger and Beluga ect. are getting the Android/iPhone user base for something they started.

      It was bound to happen, and is one of the things that makes blackberry special. But people who have BlackBerry’s will prob get special features only available to them to keep the service still somewhat BB exclusive.

      This is something that should of happened long ago IMO.

  • Anon

    I would pay for such a service on my iPhone as well as my Android phone i use for work.

    as long as it communicates with Blackberry users.

    Bring on the service!!!!

  • lukeiphone

    all i can say is wow. RIM gave away the only reason of selling their phones.

    • Anon

      They will most likely charge a fee for the service as well as hold back updates and give to BB users first.

      Still giving Blackberry’s the edge beacuse BBM will be a free service for them supported by most carriers plans.

      Some people don’t like paying for things lol

  • MacMan156

    I would do anything for this- short of buying a blackberry:) But I want it for Android first- screw iPhones- Android needs some love.

    • chall2k5

      android got some love….get a playbook and run android apps

  • Jebus

    Do you think he just let slip about a new iPhone notification system coming in Summer?

  • Dd

    One more reason not to get a BlackBerry. Wow RIM, job well done!

  • CJ

    This sends mixed emotions through me.
    Still, more people with BBM the better.
    This rumour is coming out a little too close to april 1st if you ask me though…

    • Anon

      Let’s hope its legit. This could be a great cash cow for RIM. Getting money for something they already offer for free to BB users.

      They get money from people who buy a Blackberry and want bbm for free.

      They will get money from people who pay for BBM on a iPhone or Android smartphone beacuse they don’t like Blackberrys as a phone.

      Win/Win for RIM

  • Eric

    They are not giving out their only feature, Blackberries are still amazing business phones with secure and has great tools!

    Having BBM will only help convince iPhone users to convert and see what it is like to use a Blackberry plus, I bet they will charge for it!

  • Colin

    Eric, that is true for businesses where people don’t have much choice in terms of the handset they are given. In the consumer market, security and other “benefits” of a BB are fairly insignificant compared to BBM. Customers are almost always interested in a BB for BBM, almost trapped by their desire for that one exclusive app.

    Even a stripped down version will free up a lot of people to get away from a BB (which, in terms of handset innovation, have fallen seriously behind the competition).

    • Greedy

      Well who do you think RIM makes more money off of Colin, business users or individual consumers? If you win a business contract, you probably won’t lose it two or three years later.

      BB will still have brand appeal with many consumers. In terms of positioning they still own the category of best organizers and will still be the choice for wannabe moguls.

      They’re losing market share with consumers as it is, so it’s smart to try to appeal to users of other platforms while restructuring their lineup to try to cater better to consumers. I doubt there would be a recurring fee, but they could certainly use it to sell ad space on the non-BB version.

  • Nick

    Would it be as quick as BBM for blackberries? Would there be any security breach in letting non-blackberries into the servers?

    Also, how reliable are these rumours? I was going to get a BB Curve very soon but I might not if there’s this coming out…

  • Ghandi

    What would Ghandi do? Peace and love to all hand helds. Make love not war.

  • krstnlndsy

    Didn’t RIM recently announce that this was just a rumour to which there was no truth behind?!

  • MXM4K

    I’ll believe it when I see it. RIM had just announced a few days ago that porting BB services to other platforms wasn’t part of their short-mid term plans. Of course that could just be deflecting the rumors for now.

    I certainly wouldn’t mind BBM for Android, but I’m not sure if I’d pay a fee to use it or not. One time fee yes, recurring fee, no.

  • Ger

    If this rumour actually pans out, I’d check it out right away! I’d be willing to pay a few dollars for the app itself, but I’m undecided about a subscription fee if they choose to charge one. I definitely miss BBM…WhatsApp is pretty good, but it’s not very reliable sometimes.

  • Anturpin

    So this means the iPhone and possible Android will have BBM before the Playbook! Maybe focus on getting native BBM and email on your own tablet before you offer it to iPhone/iPad! I can see the ads now, want to BBM from your tablet without a bridge? Buy an iPad!

  • Emperuman R

    I was hoping that it will come to Android first. I mean what have Apple done to help out RIM? Nothing.

    At least Google is allowing Android apps to be created for the Playbook, so at least RIM can be courteous enough to let Android devices get it first. I’m sure a fee will be charged however.

    Shall see how it pans out once more news comes for it.

  • Olivier

    1. Having worked in this business for many years, the number of Blackberries sold to businesses largely outweighs the number of iPhones/Android devices and anything else all put together. RIM might me losing terrain on the consumer battlefield, but they are not even close to losing their position as the #1 business phone. No matter how many apps there should be, I say it will be a long time before account administrators switch all their technology over to iOS or Android x.0.

    2. Consumers, a LOT of people who convert to a smartphone do not even know about BBM. You’d be surprised how many BB owners there are who don’t even know the function exists. Most of them really only want a reliable phone with quick messaging and that’s not necessarily a Xenon/Gravity (LG/Samsung’ish) built for a 12 year-old kid.

    All in all, I think it’s a smart move from RIM to let others use their IM services (upon a one-time fee). I will believe it when I see it, but I’d be the first to pay the 5-10+$ to use their service. I am the only one in the office not to use a Blackberry and have been waiting very long for something like this. Hopefully, you get all the text features (I don’t mind not being able to send pictures/videos through BBM, my HTC Desire Z handles e-mails well enough). Read/Delivered notifications are a must, however.

    • shaun

      Option #2 is pretty much why I bought my curve. I did know about BBM beforehand though.

      You hit the nail on the head, I was looking for a decent messaging phone that would also allow me to use Facebook, Twitter that wasn’t designed for a kid.

      I detest touch screens, I just can’t seem to get used to them, I have tried many but to me nothing beats the feel of a blackberry for hammering out emails/texts/bbm messages.

  • Beavertail

    I don’t have a BB phone and heard a lot about the BBM. Is it similar to the Yahoo chat or MSN Messenger on PC? If so, why is there no MSN or Yahoo chat on cell phone to do the same as BBM? Why is BBM so wanted?

    If it is a crown jewel for RIM, why are they giving it away? One good reason is if they will charge a monthly subscription fee.


    • Stimulator

      There are so many messaging apps available I really don’t understand why people are addicted to BBM. Kik is a good example of a comparable program. Plus there are apps like EBuddy that manage all your chats together into one place so you don’t need MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, etc… all running at once, plus it uses push notifications.
      BBM is fine, but why limit yourself to only talk to other BB users?

  • Geoff

    Don’t think rim will charge for this feature, it will be free as they don’t want to help apple profit more and give up 30 percent of the revenue it will be free with limited features, unless the DOJ decides apples required subscription through app is violating some laws, then app will be free and subscription will be done through rims site so they get all the revenue.

  • George

    Why would rim give away its only reason for being so succesful for consumers?.

  • Hmm

    crown jewel

  • Reggie Noble

    If this is not true, then I’ve lost some respect for Mobilesyrup. Posting rumors from some anonymous person on a forum comes off as unprofessional and cheap. This is the reason why you don’t see this news shown on other sites online.

  • Jehi

    This is stupid…RIM just gave away the farm.

  • Richard

    Not going to happen this year, it will kill a huge amount of sales. Most likely they will open up BES for IOS and Android management first.

    After they get QNX to there phones and release there super phones, then maybe they will do it. Otherwise there total morons if they do it.

  • sekola

    even if it’s implemented, they shouldn’t forget it is still BLACKBERRY messenger!

  • Greg

    I agree with Oliver. I bought my blackberry because I wanted something more than an entry level smartphone and wasn’t prepared to pay iPhone prices. I didn’t buy an android app because I was upset over their fractured OS delivery system at the time. (I had two friends who recently bought android phones and were denied the latest OS updates because of compatibility issues.)

    I didn’t buy it for BBM. I didn’t actually start using that until recently. The only problem I had with it was that it wasn’t cross platform. I can’t message my iPhone friends and family members. What good is a messenger service that only works on one platform? It’s like making an IM client that only works with one email service! That’s why people download or use multi service clients like trillian or meebo.

    We should be at a point in time, technologically, where things work together rather than being separate from one another. As long as companies keep pulling in different directions there will be people who work in-between them to try and develop shortcuts to make them play nice.

  • Jay

    This is a smart move by RIM. Not coming fast enough though. If they don’t port this to iOS/Android they’ll be losing out on market share it wouldn’t be funny. Think about it, with other services such as Kik/Live taking over the non-BB platforms, eventually some, if not most BB users would be downloading Kik/Live to compliment BBM, while BBM would only be on BlackBerry’s

  • sam

    Iphone = showoff

    BBM app for android first place!

  • Nick

    People who say that BBM is the only thing going for BBs have no idea that BB is all about.

  • BKS

    Everyone is asking why is RIM giving away BBM to iPhone and Android. I highly doubt they will be GIVING it away, you’ll be paying for it, not a monthly fee but you’ll have to buy it whereas blackberry’s it will be free as it always has been. Also, obviously, Blackberry will have a better version and get updates first.

  • Buyer

    I guess the Rim Blackberry phones are useless now!

  • Lizzie

    So their are two opinions to this story.
    No this is not good for RIM, because most people buy blackberry’s over iphones due to BBM.

    This is good for RIM,because more people will buy the app. “Most young or old iphone users” which will give them a lot of money

    i personally want iPHONES TO GET BBM!

  • Metje

    Soo it’s april 26th, wgere is the app?!

  • Ari

    Still Waiting BBM for Iphone.. this april 27?

  • Tyla Fourie

    Anyone know if it has come out yet, and if so, what is the app name?

  • Echefu

    I can’t wait to have the BBM on my iPhone. They should be fast about the implementation of this application to iPhone. Thank you!

  • bob

    bbm cant be ported to any other os because it works off of the blackberry pin network, which is exclusive to blackberries.

  • Azahersul


  • momin

    pleas any help me for bbm no my iphone?????????????? I need

  • Mony

    Niiiice program

  • Elaf


  • saldi

    Hope it works


    OMG I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR THE EXACT VERSION OF BBM ON MY IPHONEE!!!! Plz make it happen. .. Especially those cutte smileyzz :>

  • Joe

    Yes but i would say they would make the pin program for the iphOne

  • hannah

    when will this app be out , if the release date is known ? what features from the original bbm will it include ? anyone wanna help me out here ?

  • anon ymous

    What the help? You feel the need to shut down ur own article in side it? I’m sick of googling s**t only to get crap like this.. of course there wasn’t anyone from RIM in Toronto.. it’d be on the news.. or in real news articles… You guys are whack and iPhone doesn’t even deserve bbm. What with devoted r*****s such as yourselves. Quit wasting valuable search resources..maggots

  • Amoxoxo

    Some of my friends have BB’s only because of BBM. Other of my friends have iphones because they like phones that actually work. BBM was pretty much the only reason why ppl had BB’s and now RIM is pretty much just throwing that away. But then again if RIM charges money for the app, then they would probably make lots because, we all know that iphones are better than BB’s so lots of ppl would be moving over to iOS and that means more money for RIM. So idk if it was a smart idea or a really stupid one.

  • Irene

    I do like it it makes life easier than before.