TELUS investing $670 million in B.C. plus building 76 new cell sites


  • Jon

    I hope I get a tower soon near me because signal is horrible where I live and shop.

  • Steve

    Can someone explain to me why Telus is investing so heavily in HSPA+ Dual Cell instead of skipping it and making that investment in 4G LTE? It seems to me that there is almost no uptake of the dual cell among phone manufactures and just a bit with usb modem manufactures. Is this going to be something they can very easily roll over to (true) 4g? I can’t imagine Telus investing so much for such an intermediate solution?

    • OMG Ponies!

      Because the HSPA+ network will be to foundation of LTE. As per Nokia Siemans Networks:
      “(LTE is) a new radio access technology that’s optimized for IP-based traffic and offers operators a simple upgrade path from 3G networks”

    • nimer

      Verizon is delaying launch of lte phones because of 3 hour battery life. New technology always sucks. While I have countless issues with our providers, I think this is actually a smart move.

      42mbs is plenty fast. (we’ll never actually get those speeds, but a 1/4 of that is what I get from my telus turbo connection. Data caps are going to be the real limiter in canada, no speeds)

      Anyone know if this is with, or without bell?

  • Sean

    Thank you now maybe i will have service in my school…

    It’s so bad in there that during school assemblies they mock Telus and tell us how much better Rogers (service wise) Wind and Mobi are.

    “hey they have service in the building”

  • Nick

    I’d take a good rate on a 3G plan over flagrantly overpriced HSPA+ contracts any day.

    Instead of spending 2/3rds of a billion dollars in one province on a technology that’s only an intermediary, why don’t they improve 3G service so people get close to the data transfer rates they’re supposed to?

    • OMG Ponies!

      Because by improving the network, it lessens the load on the acces points, thus allowing more usage. Example, faster data speeds. And as per my reply above, LTE will be an “small” upgrade from the existing 3G/4G network.