TELUS investing $670 million in B.C. plus building 76 new cell sites

TELUS announced last week that they were investing $650 million in Alberta this year, rolling out HSPA+ Dual Cell technology and putting up 80 new cell sites in the province. Today TELUS sent out a press release that they’re doing similar actions in British Columbia: investing $670 million into the area, 76 new cell sites and introducing HSPA+ Dual Cell technology.

“In 2011, TELUS will also continue to expand its 4G wireless network across B.C. Already the most extensive network in the province reaching 99 per cent of the population, TELUS will install about 76 new cell sites to bring service to even more rural communities and highway corridors and strengthen its coverage in urban centres. Earlier this year, TELUS announced it will introduce the Dual Cell upgrade to its HSPA+ network, doubling the manufacturer rated peak wireless Internet speeds to up to 42 megabits per second.”

Source: CNW