Norton survey: Toronto/Mississauga has the highest rate of cell phone loss or theft

A new survey has been released by Norton that shows 33% of Canadian consumers have either lost or had their phone stolen. The survey of 1,508 Canadian adults was conducted between September 24th and October 7th, 2010 and found the following cities to have the highest Cell Phone Loss/Theft:

Toronto (Mississauga) – 48%
Montreal (Laval) – 32%
Vancouver (Surrey, Burnaby) – 31%
Calgary – 23%
Halifax – 17%

The survey was conducted to promote their Norton Mobile Security 1.5 that was released today. Other stats revealed that 83% could neither remotely lock nor remotely wipe their phone’s memory; 70% of all smartphone users did not password protect their phones and after loss/theft “an overwhelming majority of respondents contacted their mobile service provider to resolve the situation” which ended up costing an average of $170.85 to resolve.

Laura Garcia-Manrique of Norton by Symantec “The survey results are clear: cell phone loss and theft is a significant issue for consumers today. Norton Mobile Security lets you determine your phone’s location, lock it up, or even wipe it clean in the event you’ll never see the device again.”

Source: CNW