Wind Mobile has “north of a quarter-million” subscribers

The last measure of a subscriber base from WIND Mobile was in November and it was 139,681. This was an increase from the 100,000 that was announced in early July. Going into the busy holiday season Wind came out with a slew of promotions (I believe a total of 6) and discounted their handsets. In an interview Wind Mobile Chairman Tony Lacavera stated their subscriber numbers will “be well north of 200,000 by the end of the year”.

This past Monday Wind launched a contest called “The Best Conversation Ever” and Lacavera was interviewed by the Globe where he said they now have “north of a quarter-million” subscribers. Wind has always stated they have a goal to have 1.5 million customers within 3 years of launching… so this means they have 1.25 million to go. Lots of work ahead…

Source: Globe