Solo Mobile drops Unlimited plans by $10 a month


  • Max

    Listen Solo (Bell)! It’s about DATA! DATA!! & MORE DATA!!! Please fool us no more!!!!

    • gomez889

      exactly, until chatr and solo get data, people will go to wind or mobilicity

  • XER

    Is that a copy cat or real competition? Come on, Bell…

  • kanatacrude

    How come Bell and their Solo thing can’t figure out that the competition is giving unlimited data? Is Bell’s network too crappy to do data like the competition? I’m confused.

  • pots

    Worst conpany I was with them for 3 years on a contract worst move I ever did .when I cancel they still charged me and cdma bush leag these days

  • Luke

    solo customer service hours are only until 6pm! So if you work during the day and have a problem and need to call to get it sorted after work, good luck to you!!! :)-

    Monday to Friday – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
    Saturday & Sunday – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (new, before wasn’t open at all, just like rogers prepaid)
    Holidays – closed


  • JAWG

    Nothing beats the Mobi $40 Holiday Plan…plus great internal CS/service/network.

  • ray st german

    they closed all there keosks in mall when you go to bell they push you to go to bell i know thats what happened to me .How many customers they have left id like to now.

    • Luke

      you are right ray st german, also replaced with virgin mobile kiosks (amazing how many don’t realize it’s pretty much 100% bell now).