Video: Girl busy texting… goes head first into mall fountain


  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Clearly this is not on a wind phone.. since they do not work in buildings dam you rogers bell or telus! How dare you have a usable network!

    I hope you all rot!

  • JAWG

    That was actually me. I was checking my Rogers bill and lost concentration when I saw their hidden charges section.

  • Chris Marle

    This is an EPIC fail.

  • djino


  • canadaboy

    Too busy, not to, I think

    • Mike

      Surprisingly enough, the grammar, punctuation and spelling on this site is abysmal. Also, what’s “after the break”?!

  • z24george


  • slype

    Now we just have to await the inveitable lawsuit she will bring for the pain and suffering she went through because of the poorly place fountain. Oh woe is her!

    btw – @Rocco StiffReddi – I don’t know what city you are in, but here in Ottawa, Rogers does not have the best track record for reception in downtown buildings. It was one of the reasons why I switched to Wind. I now have constant connectivity throughout the day – even in elevators.

    • McGee

      @JAWG ummm I live in Ottawa and not sure if you know this but Wind rents off of ROGERS towers so to say you have better reception on WIND then ROGERS when they are using ROGERS towers… lol that my friend makes you a FAIL!

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      slype I am in the GTA and rogers coverage is much better than any of the new guys, better phones, better network, better company just I pay more. For me I want to be able to use my phone anywhere anytime. Even my chat-r lines is better.. no data right now but still call quality is outstanding. I can be in a ” zone ” make a call and just drive from zone to zone and not lose a call. Wind will drop your call so they do not have to pay rogers for roaming.
      sad but true. Wind the cheap network. is that the new motto?

  • Anthony E

    @slype, unless this video was shot in America, not gonna happen! But lol at the poorly placed fountain.

  • Nadia

    TOO busy texting


    TO busy texting

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Why wasn’t I nominated for the annual MobileSyrup troll appreciation award?!? I thought that by now people would consider me an even bigger troll than JAWG!

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      I believe that was the adult film star award for 2010.. your mom and sister nominated me. But I really have to thank your gf.. mind you she said that being with you was like bowling with a bb. Not sure what she meant by that jr.

  • Dave E


  • JAWG

    @Rocco StiffReddi you moRon!! Don’t you realize that we are the same person with different handles. I have setup an Oracle database to keep track of my multiple handles on various websites.

  • joe

    Seriously? this is mobile news for Canada?

  • sammystripes

    That made my day! 😀

  • Darryn B.

    Now back to the wireless store to complain that her phone stopped working, and act completely suprised that it has water damage.

  • TGN

    @Darryn B.

    You took the words right outta my mouth. Only this d*****s would show up still in her soaked clothes.

  • Sid

    Windows Phone 7 commercial?

  • Tod

    Actually j**g, they have their own towers. They have been having trouble getting Rogers to share theirs. It’s been in the news. Also if you got “tower locater” you would see that the two towers are completely separate.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Tod good point but. Wind has no towers, they do have roof top units that like to call towers. Also the sharing issue.. well that was brought up and Tony was forced to concede. I suggest you look on the hofo the post was brought up and it was pretty much agreed that Wind did not want to commit to a long term lease and they did not want to pay the going rate. so yes you are right they are not sharing. The simply made an offer and it was refused. IF this was the case and rogers was not sharing then IC would be all over them. Since IC is not.. well you can get the idea. ALSO someone pointed out there are a multitude of privately owned towers and wind could go to them.. but alas same thing they do not want to commit to a lease not the going rate. Wind is happy just to have the roof top units.
      They are getting better but the progress is far too slow. And with the impending sale.. no one can say for sure what the new owners will do. Again on the hofo it was discussed.. the old owners did a priss poor job and what will the new ones do? Maybe the talk is right and mobli will buy wind. they are for sale. sooo gooooo wimobli!

  • jmmm

    I bet she had one of those windows7 phones.

  • jmmm

    Maybe she was testing the waterproof Motorola Defy 😛

  • scotia

    Who the f**k cares!

  • JAWG

    Jawg you have been caught red handed using different ids

  • slype

    You know, it would be really great if people simply used one ID to post. Sigh.. makes this forum much less enjoyable when there are people imitating others and such. Jawg may be annoying 80% of the time but he is entitled to his opinion.

  • blob

    So how exactly did “mall security” provide any security here? Seems like all they care about is releasing Youtube videos.

  • Roy Whitney

    lmfao this is so funny. My wife was texting just two days ago and ran right into a hydro pole cable anchor. lmfao

  • Twenny

    there’s a new app aailable that uses the phone’s camera as a viewfinder to see where you going. dummy.

  • JCEE

    Honestly,Wind is so bad all the text you send get lost and you can never make a proper call,I think I’ll try Rogers again in my area and they are much better if I can negotiate a deal.

  • ano

    man thats why you dont text and drive