Solo Mobile discounts Unlimited plans by $10 until December 31st


  • gord

    no comments no body cares when you go to bell they switch there solo customers you to bell dont recommened to stay with them

  • XER

    These days, voice is no longer the biggie in the market. It’s all about data and content. The big 3 needs to take their data plan way down. $25 for 500MB is just unacceptable.

    Most Asian and European countries are offering at least 1.5GB for the price of $15.

  • JBarnes

    That seems high, these companies have to stay competitive yet keep data rates down, text messages and data shared via phone is the wave of the future, anyone in business knows you wind up making more money if you keep the price low, you will ultimately get more subscribers. A company I use for data sharing, is free and my text/data carrier svc only charges 29.99 a month for unlimited data, so looks like these companies better knock down the prices some more…

  • BellMakesItDifficult

    I was a pay-after customer with Solo Mobile for over a year. Their Canada-wide unlimited plan cost the same as the crappy 100 local daytime minutes per month plan I had. When I tried to switch they informed me I had to go prepaid to get an unlimited plan.

    I emailed Solo and said I would leave if they wouldn’t let me have the plan since I was already paying its full cost monthly anyway.

    They never got back to me so now I’m with Wind.

    • Mo

      Solo is owned by Bell. you should expect the same crappy customer service.

  • Wireless Gangster

    40 bucks is still over priced.

    for 40 bucks they should offer unlimited talk and text north america.

    im currently with rogers on their 50 bucks unlimited north america talk and text. even though 50 is still to high for a voice only plan but after my 15% bundle discount i pay 42.50 plus rogers rip or greedy fee (call it what u like) aka GRRF and tax so its about 45 a month plus tax. and atleast wirh robbers wireless i can upgrade to bb or iphone.. solo has garbage handsets as well

  • lou

    criminal organisation

  • lou


  • lou

    they sould go out of buisniss