SaskTel confirms Vibrant getting OS 2.2 and “adding more android devices” next year

SaskTel is doing a great job building out their new 3G+ network. As they strive towards completing the roll-out in 2011 they continually give customer updates on their progress. In addition, they bring on devices much faster which will hopefully increase their subscriber base.

A couple notable updates. SaskTel currently offers one Android device, the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. The first update is regarding the upgrade to OS 2.2 Froyo. Samsung Canada posted a note on Facebook that “Android 2.2 will be released for Vibrant from Bell and Captivate from Rogers in mid-December, and for the Fascinate from TELUS in early 2011.” No where did it mention the upgrade path for SaskTel but you could assume it’ll be around the same time as Bell. However, SaskTel Tweeted that “Froyo is being tested right now. Not sure of an exact date but will announce when we know for sure”. So that’s good news for SaskTel Vibrant owners.

Next up is regarding devices. Nothing was specifically revealed but it’ll be the same Android devices Bell will have and on Twitter SaskTel stated that “Yes we will be adding more android devices to our lineup in the new year”.

Again, good news for customers.
Source: SaskTel Twitter