Wind BlackBerry Curve 3G now available


  • Douglas

    Southern Ontario please wind

  • darylscool

    long overdue, but I think this is a good addition for Wind. It caters to blackberry users on a budget, ie students..

    some might argue they already have the pearl, but the keyboard on it is pretty confusing.. good job wind.

    As long as it doesn’t start with a hua and end with a wei..

  • TomatoGuy

    I see used Bold 9700 as a much better option than this.

    • EJ

      9700 is nice for the wifi but I prefer the curve’s keyboard. If wifi is not a must-have for someone this would be a good choice IMO

  • Justin Credible

    The Curve feels very nice in the hand, and lightweight. If you don’t mind the lower resolution screen, it’s definitely worth paying over $100 less for than the Bold.

    Besides, BB’s are all about messaging and email, not video games or high-res imaging, and the screen isn’t a make it or break it feature. And yes, many people prefer the keyboard on the Curve.

    Personally, I think it just simply looks better than the Bold.

    • Faisal Mohamed

      Yeah the screen isnt too bad especially with OS 6 now, it makes the screen look a bit better and it was slightly pixelated with OS 5 but with OS 6 its not really that pixelated at all, overall Im pretty happy with my Curve 3G from Bell, If it werent for a really good retentions deal I managed to arrange, I’d use this device from WIND anyways

  • Brucie

    I hope my boyfriend Regulator buys me this for Christmas,it has everything I need and all the features I want.I also think it’s kind of cute in a way.

  • Regulator

    @Brucie Aka JAWGStiffsRoccosTBR,

    Go pimp your mom and earn yourself a WIND phone.

    I think I may buy one of these for myself. Always good to have a spare berry!

  • tbr

    Ragulator aka stupid, just a windy employee or maybe Aileen.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    wow a handset that others already have.. wind the no trick pony.. speaking of tricks ragubator tell your moms to stop calling me. Also I do not care if you and your brucie are having a spat! We are here to talk cellular.. top 100 companies in canda… wind is not in the bunch nor is globalive. did a poll on another site number 1 carrier to drop calls and mess up billing.. Wind! congrats wind.. the 1.00 hot dog is waiting for you.. OHHHH!!!! ragubator only brucie will want that hot dog now after you put it up your pooper! is it true you are banned from the pet store now?

  • 5Gs

    Like or Dislike

  • JAWG

    OMG…hilarious…I’m getting the impression Brucie is for real.Reg definitely likes his hotdogs/butts…the Family Plan in the Regulator household.Goes with the new CBC TV show…”High Up Hamilton Mountain”.

  • j**g

    Yo my mom was a fat heffer. We sold her as a milk cow.

  • TBR

    Yeah JAWG, your mom was a fine piece of 4 legged heff, she took “my beef” like a champ.

  • JAWG

    @Fake TBR:

    try tbr…you’ll be more convincing!