Sony Ericsson to release Xperia X7 & X7 mini with Windows Phone 7?


  • Chuck

    photoshop for sure

  • StuGautz

    If these are real, I recommend a spell check for Sony.

    “Noise cancellation headphones budled”

  • skinnypig

    Damn, this has just put a wrench in my plans to get a Samsung Focus 🙁

  • Keith

    The 3.5″ screen on the mini is too small but the 4.3 looks like a winner.

    • Jabba

      3.5 is perfect. I’m tired of playing Stretch Armstrong with my thumb. I watch video on my computer.

  • me

    the 2nd one doesnt seem legit for one thing there is a spelling error and another thing the features for the second one actually seem better so i highly doubt it is real..nice try though

    • skinnypig

      Could be just draft internal slides… at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

  • AdrianC

    I want the X7 mini on Fido :O

  • Thomas

    I may have just jizzed in my pants. Windows Phone 7 on next gen hardware? Yes please….

  • mario83

    lol and rogers will get this in 2012!

  • Philippe

    DAMN IT!!! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!! I just got a 3 year contract with Rogers with an X10 mini (witch I loved –until NOW –!!)

    Why tease us with this new phone already!!! I switched to Android (secretly wanting windows phone 7)…. ahh well… I’m pretty sure windows phones wont have Sega Genesis or Nintendo emulators on it… so.. its not so bad, I guess…

  • Greedy

    Just from a marketing perspective, why would you have a “mini” device with any specs that are better than the regular device? Very doubtful, IMO.

  • AbsoluteDark

    A lot are jumping ship so this wouldn’t surprise me to see this phone jump ship either. Honestly once this OS gets going I would say that RIM is done.