Koodo offers a “Mini Muchacho” and helps Food Banks Canada

Remember when Koodo Mobile launched their wireless service with the 1980’s feel and people decked out in spandex. That was good for a season and then jumped to a Gingerbread man and then eventually created the current “El Tabador” character. Finally the Koodo brand is taking shape. El Tabador is fun, entertaining and his image can be viral… his goal is to help “fight for phone freedom” but in the month of November it’ll be to help “fight against hunger”.

For every Koodo phone purchased they will be giving out a free “Mini Muchacho”… a little El Tabador that you can place on your desk, car etc… It looks there will be 4 Mini Muchacho’s in total and you can buy others for $8 each and proceeds will go towards Food Banks Canada. Say hello to his little friends…

(Thanks tipster!)