Palm Pre 2 officially announced… coming to Canada “in the coming months”


  • Don

    Who’s going to sell it? Bell is trying to get rid (if they’re not already all gone) of it’s current stock. This will probably go to the new guys like Videotron and Mobilicity, etc.

  • Mike Gardiner

    The bands it supports are for Verizon in the US so it’s got to be one of the big 3. Unless the Canadian one has a different radio for AWS. (doubtful)

    • zorxd

      Wrong. If it is compatible with Verizon, it means that it is a CDMA2000 device, which means that it isn’t compatible with Rogers (GSM/UMTS) at all.

  • Mac

    I doubt it will be the AWS bands for 3g

  • KC

    Love that form factor.

    I really liked the original palm, though the hardware did not seem very solid to me. Hopefully this improves it.

    • Thomas

      I love the software, but these newer palm devices just seem too much like chick phones to me.

  • A

    Will probably be one of big 2 since Rogers only has GSM / GPRS / HSPA. It may arrive on the prepaid side of Telus or Bell since they seem to be using their old CDMA network for prepaid and the other brands.

    • Mike Gardiner

      If you had at all looked into it you would see that the pre2 is not CDMA.

      GSM Quad-band phone capable of global roaming (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
      UMTS dual-band European/Asian 3G (900/2100 MHz)
      EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA 7.2 Mbit/s/HSUPA 2.0 Mbit/s


    • zorxd

      A 900/2100 MHz device will never be released in North America. These are the specs for the Euro/Asian Palm Pre 2.

  • Terry

    Either way Canadians can expect to pay too much for this device on a 3 year contract with an overpriced monthly fee if it’s going to one of the big three.

  • sam


  • rahul

    If its priced decently, then this will be my next phone.

  • hunkyleepickle

    ha, well judging by the ‘coming months’ comment, i would wager that it will be rogers. That seems to be their stock answer for when they are getting the ‘latest’ phones. The pre and pre plus were great handsets, unfortunately, this new version may not be revolutionary enough to justify paying the outrageous rogers plan prices, for 3 years no less. I say put it on mobilicity and expand your network out west!

  • Charles in Vancouver

    The Palm Pre 2 tech specs page says “GSM” under network specs. This is a bit vague but it suggests that maybe a distinct Canadian GSM/HSPA version is being made for Bell, Telus or Rogers, rather than the Euro 900/2100 version or the Verizon CDMA version.

  • Mark

    I hope they improved the horrible keyboard on the original Pre. It was so tiny and bunched together, defeats the whole point of having a physical keyboard. Tried it at a kiosk and hated it. It’s what prevented me from buying one back then, even though the user interface was buttery smooth. Now, with Android, iOS, and WM7, I’m afraid HP/Palm is going to have a much steeper hill to climb than the first time around.

  • Strowg9

    Going to be interesting to see how arguably the best mobile OS will sell now that they have some capital to run a proper marketing campaign.

    @KC I totally agree. The software is great, but the hardware was the downfall and deal-breaker for me last time around. Hopefully the refresh is much improved.

  • Jehu

    I was a Palm user for years…they took too long to upgrade and when they did the OS was great but the hardware was crap…phone is too small and I don’t like keyboards.

  • Nico

    Coming Months? Isn’ that a Rogers saying?

    It would be great for this phone to be GSM/HSPA rather than CDMA. I think more people would get this phone, if they could swap SIM whenever they want…

  • Moe Arkanhine

    It’s going to be a GSM/HSPA phone. Meaning it wont be CDMA obviously. That’s because of the Palm Plus which is a SIM phone. That and it’s HP, I mean really do you think they’re going to limit themselves to CDMA especially in Canada where CDMA is now a dying band? It might go to WIND, Moblicity or Videotron, let’s hope not Videotron cause that’d be only in Quebec, which would suck, unless it was a WIND and Moblicity and/or Videotron like the Nexus One. That’d be awesome for the new guys, otherwise if it comes out for Rogers/Bell/Telus, it’ll be HSPA for sure.

  • Carl

    HP WebOS? Dead OS walking.

  • Don Harrison

    Is it possible to transfer all the information (ie memos and contact information, etc) from my palm centro into the new Palm pre 2, with little bother? Will the Palm pre 2 be available in an unlocked form in Canada and can you then use a SIM card exchange it when overseas? Thanks Don

  • paul kudla

    dont buy one unless you want all of your data out there

    i used to be a plam person

    not anymore – i have to buy a ‘third party’ application to get my contact list uploaded to the phone without the rest of the world seeing it.