Palm releases beta of webOS 2.0 SDK

Palm has released a beta of its SDK for webOS 2.0 to developers today… and there are some important details that are certainly worth talking about:

Stacks: Palm says this is the “next-generation of multi-tasking” and in webOS 2.0 you’ll be able to group related cards into stacks and reduce clutter, organize yourself better.

Just Type: Universal Search has been renamed “Just Type” because it’s now gone beyond search. They state that you can “start an email, create a message, update your status, search your favorite websites-all without having to launch an app.”

Exhibition for Touchstone: This allows developers to create apps specifically designed for when the device is placed on the touchstone charging dock. Palm gave the example showing you anything from today’s agenda to a slideshow of your Facebook photos.

There’s more such as Synergy, HTML5 and Javascript support all have improvements to them. Palm says “these are just the highlights. We’ve added a lot of features that will give your apps more power and flexibility than ever”… which means this is a teaser and webOS 2.0 so far sounds pretty impressive.

More info here at Palm
Via: Engadget