Bell launches 3 Mobile TV theme packages: Sports, Variety and HBO


  • Coldbones

    $5 per month for 10 hours of viewing. What happens if you surpass 10 hours?

    Food for thought.

  • Mark

    $1 per hour if you go over 10 hrs, which is reasonable. I’m wondering just how many NFL/NHL games will be available, and how good the video feed is. I’m definitely interested in the sports package and my 4 year old can watch Dora in the car. This is pretty cool stuff, especially on the fantastic 4 inch Galaxy S screen (but only if it works as advertised).

    • zorxd

      If it’s 5$/month for 10 hours (which means 50¢/hour), why do they charge 1$/hour after that? It should be 50¢ at MOST.

  • jacques


    The you will pay through the nose. These services aren’t cheap.

  • Reggie Noble

    With all these websites that offer free live video streaming of tv shows, sporting events and movies on my phone and computer, who’s needs Bell Mobile TV?

    Android with Froyo 2.2 ftw!

    • Mark

      I’m all for free stuff. But when you’re away from wifi, and want to watch live TV, your “free” video streaming websites will eat up your bandwidth in no time. 500 megs or 1 GB will be gone in minutes (just imagine watching a full hockey game). On Bell’s regular data plan, it costs $50 per each addtional GB over your limit. Even if you have the 6 GB plan, you still need to be careful. With this $5 plan, the data usage is not counted towards your data plan. This could be save some money for people who plans to watch a lot of mobile TV but don’t have a big data plan.

  • FrancoisJ

    If you Want all your tv Channel stream on a pc or mobile but a slingbox works really good. Control your pvr, change Channel, etc…..only for 150$

    • Mark

      True, but once again, if you are running slingbox outside wifi and over 3G, you are chewing up data bandwidth super fast.

      I repeat, this Mobile TV package is good for people who like to watch some TV on the go, where there is no access to free wifi.

  • John Davies

    Watch Yamgo instead, it’s free, they have loads of live channels and thousands of videos! They stream live TV to any mobile phone across the globe and it’s free!! I watch it all the time by simply going to on my mobile phone!