Video: The nastiest iPhone charger to date (iPhone Umbilical Chord Charger)


  • Moe Arkanhine

    looks disgusting.

  • Moe Arkanhine

    and IS disgusting once u watch the video.

  • TomatoGuy

    Useful charger to scare your children, that’s for sure.

  • JSKershaw

    I have one question… WHY?????

    • M1LK

      i think we’d all want to know why…

  • chall2k5

    aaah my eyes 🙁

  • frankp

    But it has iphone in the name. It’ll sell like hotcakes.

  • Graham J


  • Ka

    Very creative.

    I’ll take one!

  • EJ

    This will be a big seller with mothers who went through natural childbirth and still have their placenta in a mason jar in the living room. That and the dude from silence of the lambs.

  • Joe

    Please remind me how this is relevant to Canadian wireless. We don’t need yet another copy&paste tech blog.

  • n