Where to get a BlackBerry Torch 9800 today


  • Cole Mackenzie

    I wanna win it!!!

  • Mike

    Shouldn’t the question be where you can get a Nokia N8 today? They just started shipping.

  • Brian

    I heard Saskel delayed launch due to shipment issues.. They stated this on there Twitter the other day. At least that’s what someone posted on another forum.

  • L’il T

    ME 2!!!!

  • Neil

    My local Rogers Plus store did not receive any of the new Torches yet. I am very disappointed in that they were to be released last week and then delayed until today. Seems like the clients are an afterthought.

  • JSKershaw

    I was very interested in this phone until I started to read many reviews at how laggy and under-powered it is. I want a fast phone that won’t be obsolete in a year. Unfortunately most carriers get you to do is sign a 3 year contract (which I think is ridiculous), so when the phone is at EOL you’re still stuck with a crappy phone and 2 years left on your contract. I guess this is the reality we have to live with. If I had the money to buy phones out right, I would be a happy camper, but unfortunately for me (and I’m sure many others) I will have to stick with the subsidized pricing… At least for the next little while…

    • TomatoGuy

      If all Canadians stop getting locked in into those long 3 year contracts, carriers will eventually be forced to switch to 2 years. But since it’s really hard to convince everybody that even $0 phone on 3 year contract is a bad deal, it won’t happen anytime soon. Carriers should compete based on service, not on a number of subscribers they managed to lock-in into 3 year contracts. I really like Virgin Mobile’s SuperTab and Koodo’s Tab system. You are not locked in into contract and don’t need to pay full price for the phone upfront. Want to leave – just pay whatever is left for the phone. It’s kind of like rent-to-own program. With traditional carriers like Bell, Telus and Rogers you will have to pay a lot more than price of the phone, especially if you just recently signed contract. T-Mobile in US offers lower price plans to those who paid full price for the phone. In Canada it doesn’t matter if you got subsidized phone or not, you pay the same for your monthly plan.
      So 3 years contracts in Canada will continue to exist as long as there will be people who are willing to sign them.

  • clone7

    been to two best buys, wireless wave, adn a few rogers stores. none of them as of 11am had any rogers torches in stock.

    • KC

      do they have working display models? I just want to try it

    • clone7

      yes they have a display model. A non working one though.

  • bestbuyemployee

    as a heads up, best buys accross ontario seem to not have their rogers or bell shipment yet, super annnoying as we’ve had to turn away like 12 people.

    • clone7

      thanks for the tip

      I wonder if rogers or bestbuy is to blame for this. 🙂

  • HH

    I have to say it’s been an unbelievably ridiculous day for me. The Rogers store told me that they would not sell me one outright, despite the fact that I’ve been a Rogers wireless customer for 6 years. The said that they would only sell it to me on a yearly term. Unbelievable.

    When I called Rogers phone sales they said that the store should sell it (like I don’t know that). When I said, well can I buy it from you? They said that there system is down. This after being on the phone for 43 minutes.

    Finally when I went to purchase it on Rogers Online, I got an immediate confimation e-mail as the purchase was being put through, but then an Exception Error instead of the confirmation webpage. So now I don’t know whether I’m getting charged for an item that did not ring through their system.

    I have been a Rogers customer for 6 years and without fail have always paid my bills on time. But this is truly a disgusting experience.

    The irony is that I’m flying to San Fran later this afternoon and could have walked into an ATT and purchased it for $599 on the spot. But I thought that I’d do the right thing and purchase it from my wireless provider and pay taxes like a good citizen. Sad, truly sad as to how we get treated by our wireless companies. The most unfortunate part is that it appears all wireless providers are the same so there isn’t much we can do.

    • KC

      The rogers website is an unusable piece of horse s**t and a phone call takes minimum 45 minutes. I switched to fido when I sneaked out of my contract after a year and they aren’t much better.

      Going to try Telus or Bell next, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • Jamie Peabody

    Well i just picked one up at the local Costco, and what an experience that was. No fault of the store clerk, it was clearly a rogers issue. The poor fellow had to call rogers 3 times once all was said and done.

    As for the cost if i was new to rogers i could have gotten the phone at costco for $179.99 + $100.00 gift card on a 3yr plan, but since i was doing an upgrade i could only get it for $199.99 +$25.00 gift card.

    Well here’s for another 2 years with rogers.

  • Machuroberts

    just picked mine up, it is amazing. loaded with .246 and is fast and fluid. i went at 11:30am and they sold 10 already at that rogers store.

  • paul

    Rogers store where I got mine from had sold all 20 of there units (mine being the last one.) Ironically I could have picked up an iphone4 no problem.)


  • sam

    Dont read online reeviews, they are biased. Try it yourself. I did and all i can say is that its an amazing quality phone.