Distribution is the next battleground in Canadian wireless (Loblaws sends out request to carriers)


  • Alex

    Its a good thing if they sell vouchers but im sure selling the actual service is a good idea since there will people that dont know what they are talking about selling services to cutomers.

  • Jordan

    I can’t wait for the first ridiculous lawsuit of someone spilling sauce on their new phone and suing Loblaws for some reason.

  • Terry

    Good news I suppose, but since this is all private industry selling space, money is the only thing that talks, so in the end Rogers, Bell and Telus will most likely continue their monopoly while the smaller new companies struggle to find mroe distribution methods and you can bet once the big three make those deals they’ll do everything they can to cut off consumer access to the new companies even more.

  • Regulator

    It’s a good idea if they had dedicated staff to support and sell phones there like a kiosk. If not I’m not grabbing the lastest smartphone with my veggies.

  • Natasha

    Omg this is the best thing Iv’e heard all day… I certainly will wanna go grocery shopping now : D

  • ONO

    oh no, more improperly trained cell phones reps

  • Steve

    from reading it I thought that the carriers will have a store within Loblaws, not loblaws clerks selling phones

  • northstar_86

    My local loblaws once had a bell store and it is now a chocolate store in the parking level. That loblaws also has a pc mobile kiosk, very small though. Maybe those carriers will launch with RCSS (real canadian superstore)which is under a loblaws banner.

  • schultzter

    Loblaws already has a mobile brand, Presidents Choice (ofcourse) Mobile that’s basically Bell. My parents use it and for them it’s great. The phone is basic and simple and when they do their groceries they can top-up their phone. I think there’s a large part of the un-tapped market that can be accessed this way. The people who will do their research and go to a corporate store knowing more than the reps already have the latest iPhone/Android phone.

  • Sid

    Would be sweet to pickup a $500 phone on one of Superstore’s no tax weekends.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Nice! pitty Wind will not even try to get in there.. You must be Canadian, they are not. On a brighter note I hear Jabroni is able to walk again after uncle swarie tore him a new one for being a pathetic spokesman for HIS company.

  • Alex

    My experience is that the representatives at Loblaws know more than the ones at Walmart. In fact sometimes you can’t even understand what they are saying but that’s not their fault.

  • DAvid

    When did WIND become a national carrier? Loblaws has too many stores in areas not covered by WIND to make this a chain-wide reality. So the question becomes that of having the product in some stores only, having unsalable product in some regions, or entering into an arrangement with one of the big three for a discount brand.

    My guess is the latter.


  • malingerer

    Distribution is the next battleground in Canadian wireless??? It’s always been the battleground.. If you don’t have allot of POS selling your products it doesn’t matter how good it is..

  • Sam Luu

    Bell has made a big push recently to the detriment of Rogers when they purchased the Source chain of stores ousting Rogers’ offerings from the chain at the end of 2009. They also made inroads by offering their phones at HMV’s.

  • ursa

    At what point does more become too much distribution. At the local mall there are 3-4 places to purchase a phone from the big three (T-booth, BB mobile, The Source, Blacks, a Telus store, Koodo kiosk, Virgin Kiosk). I’ve always thought that really they’re just caniballizing their own sales.

    What other consumer platform has this much retail space? For video games you might have one dedicated store plus maybe a department store. For music – maybe one retail outlet. There aren’t 3 places to buy a Sony TV. Add in the dealers plus a web channel and if I want to get a phone it’s really not that hard to do so.

    Some will say that this is blocking out of the new carriers – but this has been the case for 6 plus years.

    Carriers have tried selling through Zellers, Staples and a number of other retailers work – and it hasn’t. These marginal stores don’t get enough sales to keep stock current, nor can the staff be trained to a reasonable degree. (to be fair – they have to know more than cell phones)

  • Zeake

    If you build it, they will come!

  • Kathryn

    @Rocco StiffReddi: I didn’t know Loblaws only carry Canadian products in their shops ? Also, i believe they have recently acquired an Asian supermarket chain name T & T Supermarket. I think you comments contained racism. just a reminder, the landlord of this continental are indeed Native Indian.

  • Tolan

    I agree distribution will be the battleground. What trally irks me is the ignorant people who spout off incorrect facts. There are no monopolies in the wireless sectors in Canada. There are dominant players but no ONE company as per a definition of monpoloy.

    Def: n economics, a monopoly (from Greek monos / μονος (alone or single) + polein / πωλειν (to sell)) exists when a specific individual or an enterprise has sufficient control over a particular product or service to determine significantly the terms on which other individuals shall have access to it …

    We have laws to stop monopolies and they work. Don’t cofuse 3 large incumbents dominat play on the market as a “monopoly”. All of the carriers no matter how big or small will be vying for a stake in large distribution channels to espose their brand to more customers. Smart business sense. Wind in Blockbuster was a gamble now seeing now that Blockbsuster is in serious finacial trouble…