SaskTel prepares for 3G+ network, attempts to ditch old CDMA devices with $0 Smartphone Sale


  • Troy Pavlek

    I draw quarrel with a blackberry being called a smartphone.

    -sent from my Nexus One superphone

  • Bad Reccomendation

    Reccomending the Storm 1 on a soon-to-be-defunct network is a very bad reccomendation. Buy a Storm 2 for $200 with a three-year contract (it’s a drop in the bucket over the length of your contract) or better yet, wait four days for the new network to light up.


  • Adi

    Even a Storm 2 = pure manure. Don’t touch any of those phones ! If Sasktell would sell them for that price but for a 1 year contract, then yes, get one.


  • Chris

    I think the headline is WRONG. Look at the no contract prices, they’re DISGUSTING… I want to puke in a bag and send it SaskTel. Clearly they’re trying to scrounge up any last minute customers they can, to use their soon to be old network, apposed to trying to “ditch old CDMA devices.”

  • J Taylor

    Chris is right, compared to other Canadian carriers Sasktel’s no contract prices are ridiculous!

  • Samia

    @ Chris – The sad thing is that some people will go for it!

  • Steve

    Considering the 3G EVDO network will be up for at least the next 3 years, this isn’t a bad deal. Especially if you are in an area that won’t see HSPA+ until the end of 2011.