Poll: Is your next device going to be an Android?


  • Don

    It will be as soon as I find a smartphone plan that isn’t a complete ripoff.

    • Jake

      What about Virgin Mobile’s $25 a month unlimited data, web, and texting, and 300 minutes plan? If you are like me and don’t talk that often, its perfect, and now they have the Samsung Intercept running android, its not a bad deal.

    • Jerrik

      Move to the US if you don’t want to get ripped off by the Canadian providers anymore.

  • Chris O

    Look very hard at the Droid 2. Love the idea of a physical keyboard. Currently have an iPhone, but can’t stand the censorship of apps (they removed a chatroulette type app because people were doing dirty things with it, let alone all the good fun people could have with it).

    So looking at a Droid 2, or perhaps the BlackBerry 9800. But after suffering through the Storm 1, Android seems to be where I’m headed unless ‘berry pulls something wild off with OS 6.

    So looking to dump the iPhone quick. Too bad the Droid 2 probably won’t hit Telus until December / January.

  • staurie

    If Palm/HP can actually come out with some decent hardware, I’d go WebOS

  • hariss

    I would love to get an HTC android but I just got myself into a contract with a bb 9700 🙁

    • Chris

      the BB 9700 is an awesome phone, great battery, great keyboard, still the best “communication device” there is. Apps aren’t for everyone, so if you don’t want apps i would always recommend the 9700.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Dell Streak, nuff said.

    • Chris

      ugh i feel for you man, you’ll know why about a week after you buy that. make sure they have a good return policy

  • Mike

    Screw android! APPLE ALL THE WAY!! =p

  • Rick Ramalho

    Either the Samsung Wave or Galaxy S.

  • Zachary TG

    I currently own an HTC Magic and hate it. The apps are ugly, the phone is slow, and Sense UI has no common sense to it whatsoever. My next phone is something I’ll have to think long and hard on, but I believe it may be a Windows Phone 7 device, a WebOS device, or maybe an iPhone 5. What makes a phone for me is a great camera, with HD video recording because I love to vlog. Android isn’t cutting it for me, especially with being stuck with 1.5. I await an awesome phone on Rogers.

    • Pat

      Don’t blame the platform – it’s the manufacturer’s fault for releasing the <1.6 versions on shitty hardware.

      WinMo 7? seriously?!? lmao

    • Strowg9


      Lmao at WP7? Why?! I used to not be a fan of MS, but since the the introduction of W7 they’ve been back in my good books. I’ve been running it for months and it still has yet to become unstable one me (individual programs may, but the OS remains rock solid). As for my GF’s Mac… not the case. Her entire computer (along with many others) was recently fried due to a Apple hosted firmware update. We did manage to get it up and running, but it happened right in the middle of her finals at University and completely screwed her over. I also can’t stand the iron fist with which Emporer Jobs rules the iOS ecosystem.

      That leaves me with WP7 and Android, because at this point I’m willing to ditch corporate email to get away from my lackluster 9700. With the gorgeous look of WP7, excellent exclusive games through xbox live mobile, syncing through the zune software which I’ve been using for years and is fantastic, and seamless integration with Office apps (which is a very big plus for me in the corporate world, and a feature that may get my company to ditch their BES servers… I can only pray).

      I’ve been watching the mobile game closely now for months because my phone is up for a refresh in about 6 months, and it will be a showdown between a top of the line android 2.2 device or WP7 that is going to get my money.

    • legendary

      If you want a great camera, Android is where it is at. Larger lens apertures, more megapixels, higher def video, etc.

  • Zelendel

    With the way Windows phone is heading Looks like I will have no choice.

  • Anna

    i’m looking at phones with telus now and the htc desire seems to be the phone for me. I was considering the iphone but i think i will enjoy an android phone a lot more.

  • DarkCanuck

    I just ditched my Blackberry for a Nexus One and couldn’t be any happier!

    I was considering an iPhone for some time but I didn’t like the iPhone UI at all and I am not a fan of apple, current WinMo phones are considered pretty terrible by most standards and I’ve got serious issues with hardware quality from rim.

    • tawn

      viewpad is all i have to say 🙂 lookinto it ladies n gents 🙂 its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i just bought it yesterday !!

  • Kevin V

    I really like the look of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro Mini… The BB 9800 looks equally as cool. It would be a toss up between the two if I could choose!

  • Reggie Noble

    That depends on if Wind Mobile comes out with a decent Android device.

  • Paul

    Current iPhone 3G owner strongly considering Android.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Please minus one point from “Sticking with Apple”… I tried to click on Yes but for some reason, as I was passing my mouse over the various options, some of them had a check mark beside them. Makes me despise flash…

  • Marc

    I am a windows mobile fan since 2000. I bought my first pocket pc, it was an iPaq rx1950, packing a lot of goodies, in a small size.

    Then I needed a cellphone integrated as well. The Touch Diamond was a perfect deal, solid build, and great data plan (unlimited for 15$). But the screen was too small. Browsing is still a good experience.

    But then I wanted to try Android, so here I am, awaiting for the Desire. Hope to get SLCD, but it seems Telus is a little mixed on that…

  • Don

    Just got an HTC Legend (Android) and I’m damn impressed. The freaking thing is addictive and is a lot more fun to use than my iPod Touch (iOS 3.x) ever was.

    Looking forward to Google TV and all the other stuff coming down the pipeline.

  • Marc

    Just waiting for Telus to release the Desire.

  • Taylor

    I’d definitely consider it, but it would need to be a reasonable plan. Data plans are too expensive, and I don’t want to lose out on any other features like free weekends.

  • Ryan

    If Rogers would get ANY decent Android phones in time to compete with the iPhone 4 (I’m thinking Galaxy S variant of some sort?) I would consider it… But realistically, my iPhone 3G is almost certainly going to be upgraded to an iPhone 4.

    Oh, and it’s 70k apps, not 100k, at least according to Google 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Being in Saskatchewan, and being 2 years into a 3 year contract with Telus this coming February. So far I’m hoping Telus lets me renew my contract once the new HSPA network is up and get the HTC Desire. The old Touch Pro and windows mobile are just sad.

  • MuRaNo

    @Plazmic Flame

    I wonder why Steve Jobs hates it as much as you !

  • Mathieu

    @Zachary TG if you want to enjoy your Rogers HTC Magic, you need to root is and install Android 2.1/2.2 (CynaogenMod).
    If you want to enjoy Android in 2010, don’t use Android 1.0/1.1/.1.5/1.6.
    I know that a lot of Android smartphone are still running 1.5 in Canada … that’s too bad.
    My old Rogers HTC Magic is running Android 2.1 very well and I’m now using the Nexus One as my primary phone (with Android 2.2 + Adobe Flash 10.1)

  • Dino

    Definitely switching over to the Desire as soon as Telus hurries up and releases it, I’ve had my Pearl8130 for 3 years and loved every moment of it, but now that it’s time for a change Android is looking really really nice, expecially since I’ve dispised Apple since they stopped caring about their customers around the same time the iPhone came out. Can’t wait for the Desire, I’m leaving work early that day to go grab it ASAP 😛

  • Samuel Maskell

    had a magic and loved it but then decided to get a nexus one which I love even more. As soon as I’m eligible for an upgrade I’ll be getting another android device. There’s no doubt about it. I just hope rogers has something good in 10 months..

  • Preacher

    im on a milestone and i love it. i panic if im more then arms length away from it.

    the only thing that bugs me is not having 2.2. upgrading all across is one thing i think apple is doing correctly. Google needs to put more pressure on the manufactures (in case of their own OS mods) and the carries to make and push out the updated builds of android in a more timely fashion.

    its one thing to have old hardware, but other then the first gen of android phones, the rest should be on 2.2 by now. if a hacker working in their spare time can do it, why cant everyone else.

  • JB King

    My backflip is less than a week old so I voted yes on the poll but I’m curious to see what kind of Android stuff there will be in a few years as I did go for a 3 year deal when I got the phone.

  • Neal Harris

    My biggest problem with android is the lack of regular updates. A good example of this is Apple. They recently released iOS 4.0.1 pushed it out via iTunes and there you go. With Android if there’s an update or bug fix it’s got to go from Google to HTC, Motorola etc they’ve got to integrate it into Sense or Motoblur then push that to the carriers to push to the phones.

    The other option is to root your phone. With Motorola phones having the kill chip in them it makes me nervous. I know it’s not currently active but the simple fact that it is there and COULD be activated and brick the phone.

    A third problem is of course with the hardware. The Droid X looks wonderful however there still is no Canadian release date. We didn’t even get the original Droid for 7 months after it was released in the states.

    Yes I admit the iPhone is a nanny state device and I will owe my soul to Lord Jobs but because we’re getting it one month after the states and with promises of regular updates I will be getting the iPhone 4. Once android and the various devices catch up to these two crucial things then I will consider Android.

  • Nico

    My current phone is an Android (HTC Magic still running 1.5 Sense) and I love it, even though it’s outdated. It’s painful when I had to use my iPhone 3G. I’m waiting for Rogers to get a worthwhile high end Android. The SE X10 is not it and the Acer Liquid E is too mid end. Maybe I will get a HTC Desire from Telus or a Samsung Vibrant from Bell. I love Android. No iPhone 4 or Blackberry for me. Android for life!

  • Al

    I have an iPhone and I have no complaints about it but it’s time try something different. I am kinda tired of the ego of Steve Jobs.

    For all the complaints of Android its mostly likely they are running version 1.x and not the newer 2.x versions.

  • RogersGuy

    I’ve just decided to purchase a Sony Ericsson X10 and get rid of my 16GB iPhone 3G. I was going to get the iPhone 4, but I feel like I need more of an “open” experience with my phone. Also, 2.1 was just released by Rogers/Sony Ericsson as an update, so I’m sold.

  • Mike

    I’m running the Liquid E, my Magic just couldn’t keep up anymore and after weeks of trying to get it rooted I caved and bought the $400 Liquid. No regrets. It’s definitely not a super high-end device, but runs smooth as butter and that’s my primary concern.

  • DavidM

    If you want a device where you control the OS and the apps, Nexus One is the only choice. Which is a crying shame, most of all because people don’t include this on their feature lists. iPhone you can’t even load off-market apps. HTC Aria doesn’t permit this either, so it’s a worrying trend, and Motorola is adding serious countermeasures to prevent installing your own OS. Really don’t understand why people don’t consider this “must-have,” even if you don’t install your own apps or OS it’s good to know some people can, like on their PCs, so these devices aren’t totally controlled by the manufacturers/carriers.

    Oh, and a Flash poll? Not a smart choice.

  • Zeliig

    On Aug 5th when Telus releases the desire…if the rumour of the 5th is true.

  • Jordan

    Desire or the Galaxy S, either way it’ll be Android.

  • Al

    Android as a part of the evil empire of Google is a little creepy. Google has no respect for privacy. The less information they have about me the better.

  • bobby ray

    I’ll get an android phone when the manufacturers start treating Canada with respect. Sorry but giving us left-overs when the USA is already 3 phones ahead isn’t something I’m a fan of, especially in an android system that is constantly changing, it doesn’t help to already be behind the curb in some way.

    Galaxy S coming is a good start, but simply not enough.

  • BigC_13

    I’m looking at the Desire or Captivate to upgrade from my Hero (currently rooted running android 2.2)

    Rooting with custom roms is the only way to go thanks to the complete lack of update support from Carriers here in Canada.

    I’ve also talked my co-worker into getting a android phone when he can upgrade in two weeks so add another +1 in there 😛

  • Ned

    I was planning to, but the glacial pace of bringing the high-end Android devices to Canada is pushing me more and more toward iOS.

    I need to buy now. But it seems to me that we will have the iPhone in a couple of weeks vs who knows for the Droid X or Droid 2 or Droid Eris or Galaxy S….

  • Jonathan

    I’d like to stick with WebOS (and preferably move to HSPA).

    If HP/Palm’s future products don’t impress then I’d be looking at Android. The problem I’d have with an Android device is getting one which gets the updates fastest, that would have meant the Nexus One but that’s on the outs so who knows. Also I think my preference would be for an unskinned device, I’d hate to be stuck with MotoBlur or some crap.

  • Mark (Ontario Canada)

    As much as I’m an iPhone fan, I’ll admit that the antenna debacle was (less so now) concerning and I looked over the fence at Android.

    I like what I see in some respects, but three things still irk me:

    1/ For being such a supposedly “Open” system I still hear of a lot of discussion about rooting, or difficulties thereof. That doesn’t seem to should “free and open” to me. The iPhone has been consistently Jailbroken though it’s every evolution (with no sign of the iPhone4 or iOS4 halting that) whereas some Android phones and builds have proven difficult to impossible to gain root access. Advantage: iPhone.

    2/ Too much hardware seems to be experiencing end-of-life early due to Android builds that don’t work on hardware that’s really not that old. On the flipside, even the original iPhone 2G was updated right to 3.1.3 before it reached end of life from an OS standpoint. Assuming this trend continues with the 3G and 4G, advantage still goes to iPhone.

    3/ The GUI still isn’t as slick as the iPhone.

    4/ Still nothing beats the Appstore (iPhone) so far as choice goes, like it or not. Again, advantage, iPhone.

  • Andre

    Priority 1 – unlocked
    Priority 2 – ability to sync with my Mac’s contacts/calendar

    Right now the only thing that meets these two fairly simple priorities is the iPhone being sold in Canada direct from Apple. Given the choice I’d take a 3GS over a 4.

    The Nexus One also meets these standards, but given that its being discontinued, I don’t want a known dinosaur.

    I’m still open to a WebOS device, but none are easily available unlocked.

  • Braden K.

    Already have my Nexus One and am loving it… (I’ve already recieved the 2.2 OTA), but I’m also waiting on the upcoming 2 Gigahertz dual cores that are coming in the near future. Android only keeps getting BETTER!

  • Andrew Robulack

    Be nice of the poll actually worked in mobile Safari. 😉

  • David

    Android (in the beginning) was supposed to be open source…. sadly it is not… I am still waiting 🙂

  • Jess Loso

    Currently have a berry, but have had no luck with any of them. I’m really looking forward to the droid x or droid 2, whenever telus gets a hold of them. >.<

  • Mo Sh

    I’d probably go for iPhone 4. I had a nexus one before too and I loved it, and it was very smooth and easy-to-use. The only reason I’d go with the iphone is a wide range of options for apps and Voice Over. Android has Talk back but it’s still not as good as voice over.

  • Canadianman20

    Yesterday I got rid of my iPhone and said hello to Android in the form of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. The iPhone was ok but it was not an open system, Apple seems to just forget about the last year model when they release a new one, and they still seem to be years behind even with a new phone. This X10 is fast, easy to use and has a gorgeous screen. Amazing phone. I would definately recommend it.

  • Ethan B

    I would like to point out that I was able to vote – BECAUSE I’M USING ANDROID! Since I have Flash on my Nexus One, I was able to vote on my phone.
    ‘Nuff said.

  • Maxwell

    What about all the money that I have put into Apple apps?

  • Steve Lam

    hell no. i already have an iphone 3g and an htc hero. i’ll be getting an iphone 4 when its out here in canada.

    android apps are absolutely awful. they feel like they’re incomplete, aren’t as functional as their iphone counterparts and generally look awful.

    its funny when people try to use the whole ‘android is more open’ line despite the fact they’re probably not even developers themselves.

    open platform = fragmentation (just look at all of the different linux builds out there) while also getting horrible half-assed apps with no quality control (and it shows!)

  • Sean

    I’m on the fence. I am used to the iOS interface, and the apps on my iPhone, but there are some really exciting stuff happening with Android. My issue is no really good android phones except the Nexus One (which is now out of date). A Galaxy S variant would be nice, but I will pass on the vibrant.

  • Guillaume B

    I will wait and see when the Nokia N8 and Microsoft WP7 phones come out in Canada. If the hardware for MS Phone 7 is right, I could go that way. If the N8 is not crippled in RAM/CPU, I could go that way. If neither of these options impresses me, it could be Android (although the camera on Android phones seem to be pretty poor so far, in comparison to Symbian offerings).

  • Stevearino

    I am with Dan – can you show me a monthly plan that is not a rip off?

  • Phoenix

    Mark from Ontario said:”1/ For being such a supposedly “Open” system I still hear of a lot of discussion about rooting, or difficulties thereof. That doesn’t seem to should “free and open” to me. The iPhone has been consistently Jailbroken though it’s every evolution (with no sign of the iPhone4 or iOS4 halting that) whereas some Android phones and builds have proven difficult to impossible to gain root access. Advantage: iPhone.”
    Open in the Android sense, means open-source. You can create your own apps, or tinker with one already made. Also the SDK runs on ANY platform, Apple’s only runs on Macs. I find it puzzling for someone to accuse Android of not being open, yet here you are wanting to jailbreak an iPhone.
    Clear Advantage: Android.

  • Luke

    let’s keep the internet private, like it should be.

  • droid

    iv had a galaxy a millestone and now a nexus on il love and droid and i will be geting desire in a week

  • Andres Restrepo

    Where can we get more details about the methodology of this poll? Data besides number of participants: age, models owned by respondents, etc ?

  • Aro2220.com

    I am foaming at the mouth over the new Desire HD and Z. I wish it was coming out sometime soon in Canada. If Telus gets stock of the desire I might go for that…but so far they haven’t.

    I am considering a blackberry bold…since I get some unlimited date plans through my work…but, I don’t really like blackberry’s. The push email and some of their security features are a plus, but I’m pretty sure my work productivity won’t suffer without it.

    I would never buy the iPhone as it’s a silly little device that is, as with all Mac products, mediocre with the appearance of ‘top of the line’.

    As usually, Apple tries to do everything themselves and eventually the rest of the world drowns them with their collective innovation. Of course, if you’re unwilling to sift through the content yourself and need someone to hold your hand then Apple is usually a good choice…

    But that’s not me.

    There’s nothing else on the market that’s worth getting into. Just bad software that isn’t flexible…no thanks. Android or bust!!

  • Colin

    Well I just have to say, since the question of the poll is “Is your next device going to be an Android” leads the people into answering with the “Android”. It should have asked, “What OS will your next handset have?”

    Plus, you don’t have a proper survey pool. Most people that would come to this MobileSyrup, aren’t really interested anything but smart phones, that’s why there are 0% for a bunch of selections.

    There is also no confidence interval. I’ll help you on this one, a 1000 Canadian voted out of 30 Million. Your confidence interval is 99.99%. That means your survey is s**t. Or you should change the quote from “70% of Canadians” to “70% of the people on this site, that are interested in Android, seeing a survey on Android, will be buying an Android.”

    I’m sure there are alot of people going to buy one, but not 70% of the countries population.

    • John M

      laughs i read your comment right after i posted mine…. right on.

  • adrian

    I wish i had an android… but i can’t complain a free iphone 3g (given to me by friend) works great.

  • John M

    Unfortunately having this huge banner that is overall incorrect is cringing.

    “the % of canadians who say their…”

    I mean really? Were focus groups held and proper cross section of the public with variances between current and anticipated mobile users interviewed? Properly statistical data was mined and this conclusion was drawn?

    I doubt that.

    Lack of education in this country launches website owners and others who don’t understand how another field works.

    To correct this hugely misleading and incorrect banner should be (% of mobile syrup readers who voted say… ) because for all you know your result is skewed by people who read the word android and wanted to vote because they like the android os. Perhaps the bb/ip people didn’t bother with it as it was a badly written question as well.

    Back to my android comment… looking forward to galaxy s captivate on rogers.

  • Somebody

    Just want to point out the fact that this “poll” is designed to pull in the results that it wants to prove! Specifically, you will be more likely to find it if you are looking for things with keyword ANDROID, and you are only likely to be LOOKING for things with keyword ANDROID if you are actually interested in android.

    Note: I use an android phone and wouldn’t use ANYTHING else, so don’t take me as an iJunk supporter. Simply pointing out the flaw in this “research”.

    Neat thing though, android is really skyrocketing over everything else out there. 34% north american market share. The next closest competitor is flopping like a fish between RIM and fruitcakes at about 25%. That is a SERIOUS lead.

  • Somebody

    Also… @OP: The word you were looking for is “application”. Leaving out everything after the first 3 letters is extremely lazy and makes you look like a real moron.

  • Mike

    As a scientist, I would like to point out that having a poll here is a very poor way to obtain proper results. Posting it somewhere where the general public can reach it would provide much more accurate numbers. This poll can’t nor should it be taken seriously, I agree Android is amazing, but again this is a false, or even bias way to collect results.

  • Keegan

    This is directed at “Somebody” 2 posts above me. I would strongly recommend taking the time to correct one’s post prior to criticizing the posts of others. Considering the word “App” is an accepted abbreviation of the word application, I see no problem referring to applications as “apps”. In fact, not only is it accepted, but it’s used in the actual place where you purchase said “apps”. So, do shut up and start criticizing your own work before others’.

  • Facts

    its not 70% of canadians, its 70% of the people polled.

  • LaughingVan

    I’m loving my WP7 phone and am extremely happy I won’t have to sit on the sidelines waiting for Telus to update the phone… or HTC…. or Samsung… I can basically depend on MSFT to do it.

    It’s massively pretty.

  • Graham J

    70% of Canadians who follow this site, you mean. Big difference.

  • kyler

    I’d like to see this poll revisited twice a year. Would this percentage of respondents remain the same? Or change as new hardware, software, OS, or even newer price points come out.

  • Mik

    WP7 on HTC HD7, giant LCD! yeah baby yeah

  • Mike

    I’m sticking with Android. I’ve had my LG Shine plus which is 2.1, for almost 6 month now, my first smartphone ever and I’ve had tons of fun with it. I’ve also wasted a lot of time learning stuff, rooted it, installed a custom rom, removed stock apps, etc. so at this point I don’t think I would want to switch to a different OS because I’d have to start over learning again.

    I got my girlfriend a Desire for her birthday and convinced my friend to get a Desire for his first smartphone ever. My sister got a Galaxy S Vibrant for xmas. Everyones been extremely happy.

  • A. Carmine

    I’m definitely one of those people that said I would be switching to Android. I did and I’m ready to switch away now. Just waiting for iPhone on AWS or those new wave of Blackberry devices to come out.

  • Someone

    What did you find “wrong”? Or just want to do a tour? 😉

  • Chris

    Good choice leaving iphone 3g to an android (lg optimus one). Its faster booting up, opening up apps and etc. I never had apps failed to open. My android is way better than my previous iphone 3g.

  • Trevor

    There is no way this poll is accurate across of all of Canada.

  • Dave

    Screw Google! Screw Android!

    Android is all about moving your personal data over to Google so they can sell it.

  • FuRrY321

    In keeping with the spirit of things, I’ll “bump” this post.
    For my very first smartphone ever, it’ll be Android or nothing. I am going with Koodo, it’s already set in stone (their tab more than makes up for the limited choice of devices), and I hope to get the Nexus S, the first, IIRC, 2.3 “Gingerbread” smartphone. I know that other providers have better phones, but I don’t think I’m ready to sign into a 3-year contract for my first phone. If I can’t get the Nexus S, then I’ll get the LG Optimus One, a 2.2 Froyo phone that is $0 on the Koodo Tab.

  • Dave

    70% making the jump over ? uhm! Android starting to bluff like
    Apple now. The Reality is Apple is not even make it
    pass 10% of the World market, Android …. 10 years from
    now … well! LOL

  • kickstart

    time to update this poll…it’s out of date by >1 year