Android Market to hit 100,000 app milestone this month


  • Samuel Prima

    I’m loving the Android Market! So many useful free apps available!. Motorola Dext. FTW.

  • Ben G

    Next milestone: Over taking Apple’s App Store.

  • Abe Z

    I love the Android Market and the Android OS itself, i love my SE Xperia X10.

  • Don

    HTC Legend here and no way disappointed. Love it.

  • Bob

    Anyone notice the drop in July ’10 coincides with the launch of the iPhone4? I hope it recovers to pre-July level and the exponential trend continues.

  • Ryan

    @ Bob, keep in mind that we’re only half way through July ’10

  • G

    Good to see Android has more apps right now then the iPhone when they started there “Theres an app for that.” Add campain. Though currently I think iOS is 200k-ish?

  • jeff donnelly

    do they have a Windows Live Messenger app? I dont know too much about Android.

  • J.B.


    currently checking my HTC Hero, there are 3 dedicated MSN apps, MyMSNMessenger Free, MyMSNMessenger Full Paid version($1.00), and MSN Talk that is free (however, developed for Droid, so don;t know if it will work on Hero).

    Then theres tons of other IM and IM+ apps, along with an entire lineup of social hub apps, etc. So theres always something on android and always something new coming up.

  • Daniel Krueger

    Bring Zinio to the app store!

  • jeff donnelly

    cool thanks J.B. I appreciate it.