SaskTel to go live with 3G+ network August 16th, 2010


  • Hoagieh

    Sounds good to me, but one piece of the puzzle needs to be solidified before I’m jumping on board and that would be the iPhone 4!

  • Coldbones

    I was expecting to hear this but not the date. From their announcement, they are going to be about 6 weeks later than previously announced. I guess I can wait awhile more.

    My Virgin phone is crapping out on me though, so I am anxious to upgrade.

  • R.Criddle

    This isn’t the news I’ve been waiting for. When can I get an iphone 4? When the iphone 3 was released, I got fed up waiting and got a cheap motorola and an ipod touch instead. Looks like it’ll be doing the same this time around! 🙁

  • McCoy

    Looks like I was about dead on for what they’d have for phones.
    At least they’ll have coverage once launched for my hometown when I go to visit. Now to find out when Telus/Virgin will be offering their 3G+ phones in SK.

  • Justin

    Hell YEAH!!!

  • Justin

    I guess once the network is up you could go with Bell or Telus in Saskatchewan if you wanted an iPhone as they have it currently. Sasktel will be getting it because they have a handset purchasing agreement with Bell so what Bell has Sasktel will have.

  • Sid

    So MTS, how does it feel to be the last CDMA-only network in the country?

  • Jordan

    There is no such thing as Bell in Saskatchewan

  • jarr

    this is awful news

    i want to know when us Canadians (and the rest of the world) are going to be getting FREE unlimited talk/text and web ?? wtf? i can’t believe that we are forced to pay such high prices.

    also – when are we going to start getting cell phones for free? it’s absurd that we have to pay such high prices for devices that don’t cost nearly as much to manufacturer (i.e. Apple iPhone 4 only costs $188 bucks to make – we should only be charged this amount, maybe a bit more… anything over 250 is highway robbery)

    who else agrees?

  • Thomas M

    @ jarr: Why should it be free? It costs money to do this kind of thing, i think sasktel spent millions just getting this network and iphone are about $150 for the supplies and labour to physically make one, does not include the technology and everything else that goes into creating a cell phone. Sure they should bring the prices down but they can’t do anything for free.

  • Rbert

    Some standard retail info for people using the a phone that costs 100.00 to manufacture for example

    Manufacture cost 100.00 x 1.8 (manufacture markup as per norm) = 180.00

    Retail makup 1.8-2.25 depending on retailer 324.00-405.00

    less standard subsidy .70 using 324.00

    retail or month 2 month should be about 229.99

  • jarr

    @Rbert – get rid of the mark ups and give the phone to us at the proper cost! customers deserve the best prices.

  • Larry

    Bigger caret longer stick.I was hoping they would launch sooner. But then again iPhone4 is delayed.That is all we do is wait and wait.

  • Ken

    @Sid i could not have said it any better my self!

    @Jordan not yet, but soon!!

  • Chris

    @Sid, you are aware that they have a agreement with rogers to upgrade their network as well right? they will be moving to 3G or whatever in near future as well.

    @jordan, once sasktel launches the 3G you will be able to get Bell in saskatchewan as they will be running on same network, same goes for Telus (and actually rogers eventually should have better coverage as well…)

    but yeah iphone would have been nice to hear announced. Also with iphone being sold unlocked there should be no reason why sasktel can’t get it at all but it’s just a matter of when…

  • Sid

    @Chris, I know they are planning on setting up a HSPA network eventually, it’s just that they are now the last ones to do so. And knowing them, if they say end of 2010, that means some time in the middle of 2011 at the earliest.

  • jarr

    this is absurd

  • Patrick

    I’m just praying that they get a decent variety of phones. Yes, I know most people want just the iPhone, but I’d love to see at least a couple of Android phones as well as WinPhone7 devices when that gets released. SaskTel’s never been overly great for device variety….here’s hoping that changes.

  • Travis b.

    Will TELUS/Bell be doing an agreement so i can use my HSPA phone in Sasktel’s 3G+ coverage?

  • expat

    Should be able to use any phone you want provided its unlocked and you have a sim card.It should be possible to dump sasktel and go with a fresh carrier sharing sasktels network ie virgin, koodo, telus, the rest soon. Just go buy your own iphone

  • Alex

    Yesterday evening, a friend of mine told me that he went into MTS the other day to ask about their new network … they said it’s all ready to go but they aren’t “flipping the switch” until September 1st. I wonder if MTS will ever get iPhones … or just continue selling the piles of s**t they seem to love now.

  • Samia

    Finally!! I’ve been waiting for so long.

  • tmamer

    Big question with sasktel will be can you get a microsim card for the new network

  • Samia

    @ Patrick. I’m with you on that.

  • Barry

    @ Travis b; Yes, Telus & Bell have both entered into universal roaming agreements for 3G+, thank christ.

  • Beck

    @ Jarr, Sasktel is a business, not a charity. The first thing cellular carriers did wrong was subsidize cell phones period. It sets a terrible expectation. It would be alot better if people would go to the “nokia” or “apple” store and bought a phone and then went over to SaskTel or Rogers and activated it. When i worked at Telus, the budget was $300 million for subsidization of hardware, it was insane, but that was $300 million that our customers didn’t have to pay out of pocket. The idea that cell phones are produced at 10 on a dime is ridiculous. Motorola, Apple, Nokia, etc want to make money too. Could you imagine if cable companies gave you a free 60″ LCD TV if you sign a 10 year contract??? Oh the nightmares…

  • Dave

    Simple fact is, If SaskTel can’t get better phones than they are offering, I’m jumping ship to Telus. I’ve had enough of their lacklustre cellular lineup and the “Big” announcement they made is just more of the same garbage they have been offering. I also talked to a SaskTel Rep and They are not even going to allow me to buy a phone(EVO) and put it on their network once they go live?? What is up with that? They are claiming supportability as their defence. I think if I have a sim card and want to try out a new phone on the network, it should be my prerogative and buyer beware. They should not have the right to control me like that.

  • Chris

    Rogers ALREADY has the HSPA network in place, the upgrades I’m sure will take it to 4G.

    iPhone 4 has some serious issues, do you really want it right now until the fix the issue ??

  • Jim

    Now when will Telus announce what phones will be available for the Saskatchewan market?
    I am hoping for the Nokia E72!

    • Dave

      Just got an e-mail from Telus. Saskatchewan customers will have access to their full 3g+ lineup(Including the IPhone 4) when the network goes live in Sask. No Date in the e-mail but I assume it will be the same as SaskTel which is Aug 16th. I may know more when a telus representative calls me as stated in the e-mail.
      SaskTel better get their crap together or they will lose a lot of customers.

  • Billy

    So with the agreement with Rogers will Rogers have the same coverage as sasktel in Saskatchewan ?????? Cause Rogers coverage sucks in Saskatchewan

  • Eddie

    Rogers/Fido’s network in Saskatchewan really sucks! Would switch to Telus once the network launced!

  • Scott

    It will be interesting to see if we finally have some bargaining power with Sasktel. If Sasktel doesn’t come out with better plans and doesn’t have any retention plans then see you later Sasktel, I’ll be a Telus customer the instant my current contract expires in October. I don’t think I’ll be the only one jumping ship as well. Unless Sasktel makes some huge changes, buhbye Sasktel and hello Telus or Virgin.

  • JordanC

    So its september 12th and i still dont have an iphone? what gives?