Say Hello to the TELUS HTC Triumph!


  • greg

    about damn time we find out what it is…

    its just been the desire this whole time.

  • Chris Marle

    Rogers is dead… The biggest device they’ve got since the 3GS is the SE X10. And the X10 suck.

    • Suparabbit

      uh what about the Captivate?

  • Canadaboy

    LOL – did you black out the site URL where you stole the picture from and add your own URL above?

  • Charles Chiu

    YESSSS!!! Please let this be true!!

  • DJM

    Great… Thanks Rogers for bringing in a crappy line-up while Telus gets the 1 phone I wanted…

    Pff …

  • Shane Guenin

    urgh why do we need to sing a 3 year deal!!! I need a new android device with a data plan 🙁

  • ai4281

    Looks great! Though I love my Milestone, the device isn’t the prettiest… HTC Desire/Triumph is beautiful and has Snapdragon to boot. This phone is HAWT!

    Hopefully this will entice more Canadians to move to Android. More Android users = more apps = more accessories = good for everyone!

  • Jason Bayer

    OH MY…I can’t wait. Hopefully this phone comes out soon, cause I am getting sick n tired of my old HTC Hero which will probably never get updated to 2.1, plus the Heros specs to the Triumphs, its a no brainer.

  • Hugo Beaulieu

    yummy!!! Might (I stress might) be enough for me to buy it if 2.1 doesn’t come to my Hero soon!

  • eric2k

    WOW BELL GETS THE LEGEND…. and Telus Gets the Desire. How quaint.

  • Hyder A

    Another nice phone from Telus (it looks like Google N1 phone) . Wake up Bell! We need better phones!!!

  • Colin

    That could just be some random Desire blury pic there is no proof of TELUS anything in there.

  • Ken Blake

    Damn you telus, I still have 2 and half years left on my contract. Wouldn’t it be amazing if us hero owners could just be given a wicked discount on the triumph for putting up with so much crap with our current phone? Sadly, that pipe dream will never come to fruition. And so, we continue to be screwed.

  • Roger Strong

    Rogers isn’t dead – not while they’re the only carrier with a national network. They have the best phones here in Manitoba for the forseeable future.

    Telus only sells phone service in Winnipeg, and only CDMA phones, and even then with no data or reliable SMS service outside of Winnipeg.

    Bell and the other networks don’t sell here.

    The only other alternative is MTS, and they only get phones as other carriers replace them with newer models. The Storm 1 is still their hot new phone – I’m waiting for the Storm3 to be released so that MTS will pick up the Storm2.

  • Nico

    Guess Rogers won’t be getting the Desire. Might have to save up and buy this outright. Unless Rogers gets something comparable. Or make my moms boyfriend upgrade his Telus line and let me have the phone…

  • Mitchell

    Too bad this phone doesn’t work on Wind because I’d get it.

  • Guy Fawkes

    Awesome Since you can always unlock and there is always craigslist 😉 I just wish there was a AWS version ^^

  • Randy

    @Roger Strong, Newfoundland is still part of Canada, though Rogers doesn’t seem to recognize that. They don’t even cover all of St. John’s, let alone the province, so if you don’t call TELUS a national carrier, you definitely can’t call Rogers one either.

    Yes Rogers, there is life east of Montreal!

  • Rob

    It’s official. Telus is the King of Android.

  • bob

    lmao bell is so stupid

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    O HELLZ YEA.!!!!!

    Thats what i wanted to see.


    Only issue i have now is sould i pay well Over a thousand dollars for two of these, And me & tha wife stick with bell with our unlimited data plans, and over priced voice plans OR get two T-mobile HTC HD2’s and Jump on Mobilicity $65 unlimited Talk, Text & Data..

    im not joining telus and hate bell.. i like android, but dont know if i could use it as my daily OS, i would like to stay with windows as theres alot android cannot replace or Out do “yet”
    i would leave windows for tha desire, but that meens i need to stick with RoBellus.
    HD2 will cost me less, WM OS, Larger screen, Better or comparible specs to tha desire.. i could get tha telus desire locally (walk in out walk out with tha devices) HD2 will be harder, may have to order it & put my trust & money in unknown people And postal services, or travel to tha US.
    But i could pay fair prices with tha new carrirers, get and better phone for reasonible prices and finally tell bell were to go..




  • tracks

    Just wondering…how does anyone know that this is the triumph? Is there a label or anything? Looks exactly like the desire

  • Annoying

    &$*#( OFF TELUS! What the hell is wrong you? !

  • Dipol

    Nohhhhh……………… I just got X10 from rogers. Thought somebody might be able to root it and get 2.1 with multitouch. Now it seems Multitouch is not possible and rooting too. Damn… telus now have HTC Triumph with 2.1. Well it is a triumph over ROgers for sure. I hope Rogers gets Samsung Galaxy S.

  • RandyNewbie

    Well done TELUS !

  • Don

    Yes, guess who’s going to Telus. tee hee!!!

  • Jerry

    This is wicked news. I have been with Rogers for 8 years now and had no plans on changing that until now. I’m sick of the basically hand me down phones they keep bringing in. Rogers, this is for you; If there isn’t an announcement of a Nokia N8 or Samsung Galaxy S by the time Telus launches this phone I’m gone, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. If anyone’s been following the upcoming phone releases they’ll know the Desire/Triumph is the best Android phone to hit Canada. Stop giving us yesterdays releases and get with the program.

  • xaueious


  • tracks

    Still no proof that this is nothing more than just a picture of the desire? no telus branding or anything?

  • Yacobian

    I am so torn between waiting for the new iphone and getting an Android. One thing is for certain though, I can’t stand my touch diamond much longer.

  • Jr Bishop

    this is what unlocking was made for….

  • Khav

    I hope this is legit and not just a picture of the Desire taken out of context.

  • phuzzykiller

    Gah!! Go figure….. just when I FINALLY order my N1, the Desire comes out in Canada! Oh, well. At least it’s possible that I’ll get 2.2 ahead of everyone else (at least I’m hoping that they ship my phone with the new OS…..)

  • kmd1237

    Well, for those who wanted a Nexus One and didn’t want to pony up the dough to buy one, I guess handcuffing yourself to a carrier for 3 years to save $300 is ok.

    Me, I like my Nexus One and the option to walk away from Bell to anyone I choose with 30 days notice.

    Openness, freedom, Android. What’s not to love?

  • kewlmart

    Any chance to unlock it and use it on Fido?

  • ad

    Any difference between the Telus offering of the triumph and Bell? Also, would the triumph have all the features of the nexus one?

  • Todd

    “Got to hand it to TELUS as they keep bringing on very strong Android devices. First it was the HTC Hero, followed up with the Motorola Milestone…”

    They may start strong, but I hope that their treatment of hero customers isn’t a sign of things to come. Still running 1.5 on my hero (which I still love, despite feeling a bit abandoned by my carrier), waiting for the 2.1 update that seems to be asymptotically approaching infinity…

  • West Coast

    The Name Triumph was an HTC internal codename for the old windows based TOUCH Pro model. This new model you all are speaking about has a new model name. The Screen shoot previously mentioned was for the handset card on the old windows model

  • dc2000

    Go WIND Go!

  • West Coast

    Ok Everyone can confirm that the New Device will be coming to TELUS will be for back to school late july or early august . As was memtioned ealier in the discussion it will be The DESIRE with the north american radio for 850/1900 HSPA. Vist for details as it is out in europe now and one of the best selling smartphones they have.

  • Tyler

    Considering buying either the HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 4… leaning towards one of the first two due to all the iPhone’s issues. Decisions decisions…

  • West Coast

    HTC running training sessions for TELUS reps last week of july so it appears to on time with previous mentioned release dates