BlackBerry Curve 8520 officially available at Fido


  • mike

    I’ve tried calling my local fido store about 10 times to find out if they have any and no answer. I even tried the second closest store, and still no answer. I’m about to give up on this.

  • Jason

    No 3G, why bother

  • Filip Mares

    No flash for the camera is a real deal killer.

  • Aj

    virgin will carry 9700 vs. fido 8520…. need i say more

  • Ken

    1. Not everyone has a boner/need for 3G
    2. Don’t call cell phone stores. Picking up the phone is their last priority and is understandable if you’ve seen how busy they get.
    3. Who seriously cares about the camera flash? Cell phones generally take pretty s**t pictures anyways. That’s sad that flash is a deal killer. The 8500s are low-end blackberries anyways for people who want the basics.

  • Jenna

    Does it come in dark purple like bell & Virgin?