Rogers to exclusively launch Acer “Liquid e” this Spring


  • Patrick

    I had only problems with Acer computers. I don’t know their phones will be better.

  • Braden Klassen

    Yet another substandard phone comes to Canada through one of the “big three”….. *sigh*. I’m still waiting on something worth buying out of contract to be available to us poor Canadians.

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    So Rogers is launching the Acer Liquid E to compete against Telus’ Motorola Milestone which has a faster processor and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard? Yeah, good luck.

    That aside, the Liquid E does look nice. It is a bit bulky though. The best thing is that it runs the latest Android 2.1 introduced with the Nexus One.

    • Qnka

      can’t even tell why, that’s what’s makes you so patethic. You smilpy want me too believe you, because you say so. I have arguments. You have your word. And your word, isn’t worth a s**t.Their’s a reason why the most rated phones are android. And now I mean rated by professionals, not some s**t made by a kid on Youtube. If you can’t give me arguments, you’ve pretty much lost the battle .

  • Lexcyn

    While the phone has impressive specs, IMO, it is the ugliest phone I’ve seen in a while.

  • Mathieu

    I don’t see why anyone would want to buy this Acer phone over the Nexus One (except the availability of the Nexus One compatible with Canadian 3G networks).

  • Pearl

    Meh, Acer just doesn’t look as sexy as the newer HTC phones.

    Pretty good specs but why underclock?

  • Jeeverz

    Why is no one bringing the HTC HD2 …sigh

  • Mathieu

    BTW, the HTC Dream and HTC Magic from Rogers are also underclocked to 384 MHz (528 MHz CPU).
    Like the iPhone 3GS is underclocked to 600 MHz (833 MHz CPU).
    It’s a very common way to increase the battery life … in the specs anyway.

  • Erik Berkun-Drevnig

    “Pretty good specs but why underclock?”

    Improve battery life.
    I am sure with custom roms you could clock it back up although I am not sure it would be necessary.

  • Sined

    Big mistake by Rogers. Rogers should have gone for the HTC Desire which is clearly the superior 2.1 phone.

    I suppose them getting the Xperia X10 was one of the reasons they didn’t want to undercut their own sales by grabbing the HTC Desire.

  • Jr Bishop

    the phone does seem bulky, but its only 0.2mm thicker than the iphone 3gs

    …and about the same height/width

  • Zero K

    Pretty ugly phone imo, slapping the big acer logo on there really doesn’t help either. The specs are ok, but compared to the X10 I don’t see what this phone has going for it besides possibly being cheaper, and running stock 2.1 instead of Sony’s customized 1.6, but I’m sure the X10 will be running hacked ROMs in no time anyway.

  • Erik Berkun-Drevnig

    It comes in Red, white, and black

  • stg

    Rogers porved again that canada will always be years behind in cell phone technology… Where are the real handset (Nexus One, Desire, X10, HD2…)?

    Pathetic… can’t wait to get out of my contract with theses loosers.

  • Uncle Fester

    The operating system on the X10 runs like lags and is choppy..the Acer runs smooooooth…I have had my Acer for 6 weeks..I love the phone…it has been proven in Europe for more than a year before coming here…720p video..16.7 million colours…nice sized screen…

    I love it..just wish it was available in the other colours..the Ferrari Red is hot.

    There are also a few features on the acer unique to the phone and not exclusively Android 2.1

    I understand they are bringing out the Acer Liquid Metal in Feb 2011…