Say hello to the TELUS Samsung “Advance”


  • Jason Elias

    I think this phone and the Samsung “Impact” from Bell are just replacement to make up for that blunder of a phone known as the “Insticnt”. I’d want more feed back before actualy buying this phone, i’m not gonna fall for it like i did with the Instinct.

  • Pederson

    So like, Instinct 2.0…?

  • J.Soul

    You picked a Windows Mobile device. Windows Mobile is a fail no matter what manufacturer put it on their phones.

    Samsung obviously learned their lesson.

    • Jason Elias

      No the instinct was on Samsungs OS. IF anything the windows mobile run better on samsung phones. The Omnia and Ominia 2 are evidence of that.

    • J.Soul

      No – it’s still Windows Mobile, just a Samsung UI slapped over it to mask it’s suck.

      Just like Sense UI on HTC devices.

      The core is still Windows Mobile – an unsaveable, sinking ship.

  • Sam A.

    No WiFi is a deal breaker for me.


    who needs wifi on a dumbphone that allows $10 unlimited browser?

    allthough last time i used teluses unlimited browser on a dumbphone i was billed Pay-Per-Use for all my browsing.. Never used telus again lol

  • Nat

    The touch keyboard rocks on this phone and browser does a great job with regular HTML pages. It’s similar to Rogers’ Forever.

  • curious consumer

    I’m thinking of buying the Samsung Advance, but I’m concerned that it won’t be as great as it looks. Do you think it’s worth purchasing for just a regular un-smartphone?

  • Dave Donley

    Worst phone I ever bought ..took it to BC..would not work at all.. the shift key works only sometimes….I have had problems activating call forward . I had an Instinct and was happy with it so went to the Advance but am not at all happy with it.

    • Lucineia

      (Electronics) I had to have the Superdrive on my MacBook Pro replaced but ftnaurotely it was still under the Apple Care warranty. I bought this external DVD writer in order to preserve the built in, replacement unit on my Mac. This Samsung DVD writer is great! Just plug it in and start using it. One USB connection is all that was required. There is a software disc that comes with the item, but it is primarily for a PC. I did not need it or use it. So far it has played and recorded both D5 and D9 DVD’s and played and recorded CD’s with no hiccups of any kind. I couldn’t be more pleased. Very small, but appears to be very sturdy.