Nokia N97 coming to Bell December 10th


  • Eric Arzoomanian

    Looks nice!

  • J-M

    I wonder what the price points will be…

  • Anojaan Lokanathan

    Its good that North American providers are starting to notice that Nokia has quite a line of smartphones. Although it probably would’ve been better for Bell to pick up the N97 Mini, as it would have more mass appeal and slightly cheaper price

  • AngryChineseDriver

    The REAL King Kong of Nokias to wait for is the N900! My friend over at N900 Blog is expecting his any day now from UPS…MobileSyrup you should do a review to make us drool! 😉

    But it’ll only work on the AWS network — WIND and DAVE (though DAVE won’t carry it for sure).

  • Alex

    Can’t wait to receive my N900 too and hopefully Videotron will give me a deal to move from Fido to them with 3G 🙂

    (They might carry it too…)

  • Kay

    The Maemo OS-powered Nokia N900 is the hottest thing right now, but I’ve been using the N97 as my main phone since July, and I can recommend it to any power user looking for something a bit more versatile than the iPhone, Pre, or even the Android phones offered in the Canadian market. I got mine unlocked through an online retailer, but if I got a good deal from Bell now, I’d probably go for it.

    If you go back to some of the early reviews of the N97, you’ll find quite a bit of grief and frustration over the bugs and inconsistencies of the early firmware. However, I can say that since Nokia updated the Firmware to V20 about a month ago, the phone has been working more smoothly than ever, and the early bugs have been fixed. Here are some of the benefits that the N97 will give you over, for example, the iPhone:
    – True multitasking. The phone’s RAM memory has its limits, but I can comfortably run up to 4 – 5 apps at the same time
    – Ovi Maps, the Nokia navigation solution, will let you download maps to the phone for free, so that you don’t have to ever pay for downloading the maps on the go, and turn-by-turn navigation works well in the N97 right out the box
    – Two cameras: one at the front and another 5MP camera at the back. The front facing camera lets you do Skype video calls over WiFi or 3G

    I’m not a Nokia salesperson and say that if you’re torn between this and the iPhone, or Pre, or BlackBerry or whatever, try them all out, and see it for yourself. I’ve been happy with the N97 but it’s definitely not a phone for everyone – powerusers with specific needs will enjoy it though.