Rogers drops price of HTC Dream to $49.99!


  • midtoad

    What revolution is that? The one where you’re duped by Rogers. Notice that the price hasn’t budged one cent. It’s still $550. The only thing that has changed is the incentive for you to lock into Rogers poor network and service for yet another three years. After you do that, you’ll start noticing with chagrin all of the places that you can’t get 3G coverage but where IS coverage from Telus and/or Bell. I’m already seeing this with my Rogers Magic.

  • Nate

    Well said midtoad. I hate seeing people suggest the oligopoly is getting better over a $20-$50 price drop on a handset…when to get it you still have to lock yourself into thousands of dollars of overpriced services (and bogus fees, hello GRRF) over the next 2-3 years with the only method of escape being to cough up $400 ETF. I see no revolution.