Virgin to launch iPhone “in the coming months”, we say Feb


  • Eric

    DAMN IT! Hero… iPhone… Hero… iPhone. I CAN’T DECIDE!

    • najib

      nokia n900

  • Julia

    What other phones will they introduce?

  • anitabot

    The blackberry prices seem pretty decent compared to most carriers, so I really hope that the iPhone plans are cheaper too…but I somehow doubt that they will be :/

  • Colin

    hopefully it will cost a little less if you buy it with no contract (since i just got a new 2 year contract with them) because it seem all of their phones are around $100 less than Bell.

  • Matthew

    So Virgin will introduce the iPhone; really, what’s the point? Their parent company Bell and the other members of the cartel have already released it and Virgin cannot radically alter the cost as Apple has preset prices. Will Virgin actually offer considerably cheaper data/talk plans?

  • Keith Hamilton

    ^not overwhelming cheaper, but a few bucks less.

  • Brian

    Realistically their rate plans are going to be similar. What you’re gaining is a company that, unlike the big three, offers actual customer service.

    • Kmusky

      Maybe. Keep in mind that DAVE and Public Mobile will be launching about that time. If they do, that may force down The the big 3’s flanker brands (Fido, Koodo, Virgin) plan prices somewhat.

  • jarret

    hello brian

    virgin mobile is actually part of one of your big three you mention, Bell. Same customer service, same employees.

    thanks for coming out

    • J-M

      Did you see that survey?
      Virgin was at the top of the list for customer service. Bell was at the bottom.

    • Professor X

      Actually Jarret,

      Although Bell recently acquired the remaining shares in Virgin, they still operate has two separate entity’s. They in no way share the same customer service department. Notice that VIRGIN MOBILE won their 5th JD Power and associates award this year and not BELL.

    • Matt

      I love it when people like Jarret who are so sure that they’re right have no idea what they’re talking about and end up sounding like complete morons haha. Thanks for coming out Jarret.

  • jarret

    the bottom line is that virgin is owned by bell, so to say that virgin is a good carrier with superior customer service is false.

    more appropriate to say that the one particular business unit operating under the bell umbrella under the name virgin mobile happens to have some good customer service.

    • Sesquipedalian

      Jarret, now you are just being pedantic. All that is relevant to this conversation is that Virgin’s customer service department is separate from Bell’s. Professor X has made his point quite well, and no amount of quibbling about the semantics of wholly owned subsidiaries will make your incorrect statement correct.

    • Matt

      Jarret is now -2 on this topic lol

  • webterractive

    Once again all price plans will be the same as the other telcos so no point in jumping in. Understand it Canada having a smart phone in Canada is not a smart move.

  • colin

    they just said on their twitter they’re launching it in the next few months and its to my knowledge that few means 3 🙂 so you guys were most likely right when you said feb. i wonder in virgin will do something different with the packaging lol just a thought :p

  • Ryan

    But what sort of reception will this have when not using Bell’s new HSPA network? Bell doesn’t sell to people in Sask, Virgin does. Virgin uses Sasktel’s CDMA towers. Wierd. I guess I just have to face facts that we here in Sask are out in the cold for a year or two.

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