Petro-Canada Mobility drops prices, hopes to stay alive.


  • Rob Brown

    They are also adding unlimited internet browsing for $8/month

  • Scott Laird

    That is a negative title for an article.

    Based on what fact do gives you impression “HOPES TO STAY ALIVE” is appropriate.

  • Joe

    That Nokia 3555 is a 3G phone that, once unlocked, can be used on all of the following networks:

    Petro-Canada / 7-11 Speakout
    Solo (they will sell you a SIM but won’t be selling any HSPA phones)
    Telus (starting Thursday)
    Koodo ? and Virgin ?

  • Colin

    I think Petro Canada will survive. Although they jacked up their prices recently, they still make it possible for people to have a cell phone for $75 a year, and their nearest competitors charge at least $100 (excluding Speakout).

    Hopefully the new entrants will take a swipe at the bottom end of the market and offer some pay as you go plans that don’t expire so long as you use it once a year (that’s how it works in the UK)