New global wireless report shows how Canada needs to improve in every area

top10A new study of the global mobile market has been released, it’s called the “Portio Research Mobile Factbook 2009“. Just as the title says it was conducted by Portio Research and the 36-page report covers a worldwide perspective of everything from Subscriber Base, Mobile Penetration, Overall Revenue, ARPU, Mobile Messaging.. the list continues… The data collected was based on 2008 numbers.

Before we go into details of their report, it’s important to remember Canada’s numbers. According to the CRTC’s “Communications Monitoring Report“, Rogers Wireless had the largest market share 38%, Bell and TELUS followed with 27%. The remaining 8% was shared among regional carriers and MVNOs. In addition, 2008 Canadian wireless revenues reached $15.9 billion (increase of 14.3%). Subscribers hit 22.1 million in 2008 (average annual growth rate of 10.1%). In 2008, the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) was $60 per month.

So now that we know our own stats let’s compare Canada to the rest of the world. According to the Portio Research Mobile Factbook 2009, when it comes to the top 20 worldwide carriers by total revenue the leader is China Mobile with $57.5 billion (all currency is based on USD). AT&T and Verizon are 2nd and 3rd with $49.3 billion and Canada doesn’t even make it to the top 20. Actually, the 20th spot goes to China Unicom with $10 billion a year. Rogers would still be a cool $4 billion off 20th spot on a global scale.

However, Canada did make it on the top 20 list… very exciting until you find out it’s for the “20 operators worldwide by monthly ARPU” category. On a global scale the number one operator from the ARPU standpoint is 3 in the UK with $74.20. Rogers took 6th spot with $60.50 and TELUS grabbed $59.20. These number are close to what the CRTC said earlier this year.

So Canadian carriers don’t show up on the top 20 of worldwide revenues, but do charge our customers some of the highest monthly rates. One final chart at the end of the report combines everything into a “blended ranking” of the top 10 mobile wordwide operators.

This top 10 blend mixes in “various key performance metrics including comparative market share, subscriber growth, technology choice, ARPU, revenue growth, data revenue’s contribution to total revenues, postpaid subscriber share and churn”. It’s based out of 10 and nestled in at 9th spot is Rogers with a score of 8.97.

With all these numbers we’re glad to see more competition is coming into Canada… with new competition brings more choice and hopefully lower monthly costs for us consumers.


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