TELUS to release the LG BL40 Chocolate in October?

When it comes to the LG BL40, otherwise known as the “new Chocolate, is has been a very long and exciting road. We first mentioned this with an XML file we found back in May on the LG website.

News comes today with an official announcement by LG declaring a September retail release in Europe and “will be expanded to the rest of the world from October 2009”. This does coincide with the upcoming TELUS HSPA network launch and could be one of their first devices to be launched. The LG BL40 features a four-inch wide screen 21:9 ratio HD screen (800 x 345), 5 megapixel camera and measures a staggering 128 x 51 x 10.9mm.

There have been a couple videos of these in action. Check them out here:

Via: EngadgetMobile