BlackBerry App World Coming Soon: $3.69 minimum app price

blackberryappworldRIM has officially named their application storefront the “BlackBerry App World“! (This just has a certain ring to it that they are looking to dominate and take Apple out of top spot).

As described on the info page “Coming soon! Find tons of great applications designed for your BlackBerry smartphone in one convenient place – BlackBerry App World. Personalize your BlackBerry smartphone with games, social networks, personal productivity applications and so much more. Message your best friend, track the stock market, or channel your inner rock god. Sign up for BlackBerry App World today and discover how to put more of your life on your BlackBerry smartphone.”

blackberryappworldpricingIn addition, there are free apps available, but it looks like RIM has set the minimum price for paid apps to $3.69 ($2.99 USD) and has 9 tiered prices that sees the most expensive being $12.25 ($9.99 USD)… a great deal different that the Apple AppStore where the minimum is $0.99, but this could ensure RIM only sees valuable apps in the AppWorld.

What are your thought on this?

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