“Where’s Koodo?” Interactive Subway Game

Koodo Mobile stands out with its 1980’s style flashy advertising. While you stand and wait for the subway in Montreal you’ll notice an interactive touchscreen game called “Where’s Koodo?”. The object of the “game” is to search for one of the Koodo characters amongst a cluttered, illustrated, urban landscape and communicate the benefits of Koodo’s new Nationwide Talk & Text rate plan”.

This is not a game, but another way to bring the Koodo message to the masses – and will be there until September 30th. It certainly seems to be working as we hear the Koodo Mobile brand is doing better than originally projected.

Jennifer Robertson, director of marketing communications for Koodo Mobile in Quebec said “Learning from the great success we’ve seen with the interactive touchscreens at our Koodo shops, we jumped at the opportunity to bring elements of this experience and more to consumers through a mass advertising channel. We feel we’re giving consumers the chance to find out more about Koodo and have a little fun at the same time.”