BlackBerry Bold Review (Part 1 – Multimedia Features)

In one of our first video reviews of the newest smartphone to hit the RIM family, the BlackBerry Bold, we decided to take a peek into the multimedia capabilities.

This has a 2 megapixel camera with 3x zoom (iPhone has a 2 megapixel and no zoom), WiFi and 3G for surfing the web, a video recorder (iPhone has no video recorder), music player that has wicked sound and can now sync with your iTunes (BlackBerry Sync)… also, the screen features 480×320 resolution (twice as much as the BlackBerry Curve).. which makes for great viewing when it comes to your movies, videos etc.

In regards to the browser, we liked the iPhone for this as it was a bit easier to swipe your fingers across the touchscreen… with the Bold you use the trackball to navigate around the web page. However, for any BlackBerry user, the Bold is an incredible improvement as the page loads are fast (no problems in Toronto) and displays as if it was on your desktop.

In our first couple days using the Bold, we are really impressed and will have more reviews coming in the next few days. Here is the BlackBerry Bold Mutlimedia Features Review:

The Bold is available only at Rogers Wireless