Virgin Mobile – “you to call the shots” on contracts

Virgin Mobile - “you to call the shots” on contracts - mobilesyrup.com

Virgin Mobile as reported earlier has shifted direction to allow you to choose which plan you are most interested in by releasing the “You call the Shots” initiative. In addition, as stated on their website: “We’ve taken the ‘con’ out of contract and we’ve dropped the hidden fees and charges that were never explained to you anyway.

This includes:

  • myTimeTM: choose when your calling clock starts
  • myCrewTM: get unlimited local talk and text with your 5 best buddies
  • No ’System Access Fees’
  • No Activation Fees
  • No greedy Cancellation Fees (only $10/mth)
  • Fee–free switching
  • 2,500 text messages plus Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing for $15/mth
  • With a range of phones (LG160, Samsung m300 & m510, Motorola RAZR etc) this could be right for you if you are looking for a mid priced phone and plan. If you want to go a bit higher on the plans you can go for teh myVIP Membership and receive points that will get you music, wallpapers, tickets to VirginFest.

    Both these quotes from the press conference this morning sum it up:

    Sir Richard Branson said: “More than 16 million Canadians are currently in contracts that don’t always deliver what they want. People now have a chance to join a company that will treat them the way they deserve to be treated. Virgin Mobile came to Canada in 2005 to shake up the mobile market and give pre-paid customers a simpler, better deal. We’ve had huge success in the pre-paid market and we’re now ready to bring the Virgin Mobile flare, much-needed simplicity and a more transparent and fairer option to post-paid customers”.

    Andrew Black, president and CEO of Virgin Mobile Canada said, “We are very excited to bring Canadians a post-paid mobile service that is focused on what they really want from their mobile phone company. Virgin Mobile is proud to be able to offer its customers plans that deliver what people have come to expect and enjoy from Virgin Mobile – more freedom, more flexibility and more choice. One of the most exciting innovations of our revolutionary new service is myTime. In a North American first, Virgin Mobile customers will be able to choose the hour when their unlimited calling clock begins, rather than being told when it starts. For people who want the flexibility to choose the morning time, day time or any other time that’s right for them to make their calls, this is the perfect choice – and it’s only available with Virgin Mobile.”