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BlackBerry is ‘not ready’ to release another tablet

In a statement that will surely be misinterpreted by 80% of the tech press, BlackBerry VP of Global Product Management Francois Mahieu told Pocket-lint at MWC that the company was open to the idea of producing a successor to the maligned PlayBook tablet. To ensure there’s no confusion, I’ve reprinted Mahieu’s words in their entirety


BlackBerry’s new CEO says ‘We Are Committed to Reclaiming our Success’

BlackBerry has completed its $1 billion investment today and to celebrate this occasion John Chen, BlackBerry’s new Executive Chair and CEO, has taken to the company blog to assure the masses that they’re here to stay. Chen started off by stating the obvious that there’s “significant change at BlackBerry” and that they are “are not


Three more BlackBerry executives depart the company

Waterloo-based BlackBerry has successfully launched a new ‘mobile computing platform’ and a number of new smartphones. In Canada, we’re lucky enough to have all the BlackBerry 10 devices available to us: Z10, Q10 and the upcoming Q5. In addition, BlackBerry World, their app store, has over 120,000 apps. Behind the scenes it’s a different story.


BlackBerry changes its tune, won’t update PlayBook to BB10

Et tu, BlackBerry? The company that once promised a BlackBerry 10 update for its aging PlayBook tablet, which was released over two years ago, has reneged on the offer. According to CEO Thorsten Heins, the device just never felt right with the test versions of BlackBerry 10. The experience was not up to the company’s


BlackBerry PlayBook could be getting the BB10 upgrade “in the next few weeks”

The “world’s first professional-grade tablet” might finally be receiving that long-awaited OS update. BlackBerry PlayBook users have been promised an upgrade from the current PlayBook OS to the new BlackBerry 10 OS. Rumours pointed toward Thorsten Heins, BlackBerry’s CEO, to update the masses during their BlackBerry Live developer conference last week, but no such talks


Heins will apparently give an update on tablet plans at BlackBerry Live

BlackBerry, then called Research In Motion, launched the “world’s first professional-grade tablet” a couple years ago. Well over a million PlayBooks have been sold, but most versions of the PlayBook (16, 32, 64GB) have now been discontinued, or taken of store shelves. BlackBerry has always stated that they “remain committed to the tablet space” and