Update: BlackBerry PlayBook upgrade to OS 2.1 now available


  • Plazmic Flame

    …and Jesus is coming back October 31, 2012. Which is more likely to happen?

    • BBMer

      Released in April 2011…….its now Oct 2012: Can you send a BBM with a Playbook??

    • hoo dat

      Been able to BBM since day 1.

  • BB10


  • Vengefulspirit99

    looking at all these “upgrades” it looks like functionality was terrible

    • Blaine

      Actually there was a lot of functionality already, this update is just adding more to it.
      The PlayBook already is the most advanced tablet, this brings up a higher level of functionality. As well these features are not needed, they just add more features. As well these bridge features are not needed they just add something extra for people who also own a BlackBerry smartphone. Nobody else has this, the phone and the tablet connect to each other, it is perfect.

    • Sean

      Blaine, you mean the iPhone and iPad, or Android phones and Android tablets can’t connect together?? Strange, my iPad must be broken then, because it connects to my iPhone just fine.

  • Ryan Robinson

    I’ve been using the Developer Beta of this for months so I hope that this time the rumoured release date actually comes true of the final version (the Beta is a little buggy and doesn’t have all the consumer features like SMS by Bridge).

  • Smitty

    Is this BB10?

  • Porilaisten

    I hope they fix the native email password issue. It’s been pi$$ing me off to no end.

  • Ed

    As an owner of a BlackBerry Play book, I really hope this thing gets BB10 when it decides to come out.

    • Fred

      I really hope BB10 will be on the playbook as well.

    • hoo dat

      RIM has confirmed that all PlayBooksares getting the BB10 update.

    • craig

      do you really expect BB10 to work on the tablet? for real? keep wishing buddy

    • what

      It’s already confirmed that PlayBook will be upgraded to BB10, and that public beta releases for that release will start eventually (a few months, most likely).

  • Benz

    @Fred….RIM already confirmed that BB10 will run on the wifi playbook.

  • Shushwap

    For $118 you cant beat these things

    • J

      Makes you wonder how well they would have done if they waited six months and released what was 2.0 (email, calendar, android player) on the thing for Nov 2011 and sold it for $349 initially.

      No way it would have taken down the iPad, but maybe they’d have 5 or 6 million users instead of 2 million users by now.

  • Nothin But RIM


    BB10 was built on the QNX platform so yes we expect it to work on the tablet. Also confirmed by RIM that all playbooks will get BB10. Read some news before making a comment, you provide nothing to a conversation.

  • what

    I have also heard that aside from the announced features, under the hood improvements have been made to WebGL so it should perform better in Web as well.

    • Porilaisten

      It’s one of my fave browsers.

  • sicpuppy

    Que ?

  • Brain

    the long wait will be finally over (hopefully). then the wait will commence for bb10 on the PB.

  • EddieWinslow

    Im happy to see RIM slowly climbing out of the giant hole they dug themselves into. I want this company to get back as a contender in the Mobile World.

  • Peter B

    So does this mean that Skype from the Android market can be installed ?

    I know people have been wanting this feature badly on Playbooks.

    • Brain

      yea it can be installed. however i don’t know if it will work.

  • Decent Tablet for the price

    Highly underated tablet. For $ 118 a 32 GB Play Book is a no brainer , much better than the overpriced ipad , which is almost 4-5 times more 🙁

  • Ronaldame

    How many of you want to bet that it will not be released tomorrow? Hope it is but in my short history with RIM the only thing that has been a constant are the delays in their products also the lack of something really exciting.

    • hoo dat

      Ronaldome, I was still up working at 3:00am this morning and thought I’d check for the upgrade before I went to bed. Ran a check and, lo-and-behold, there it was. Also got the update to Bridge while it was downloading.

      Oh ye of little faith.

  • Mark

    it’s been rocking OS 2.0…lol…

  • Unlikely Uncle

    I think this is a troll. As someone else pointed out, there are supposedly major bridge enhancements, but no bridge update in App World.

    • chall2k5

      the bridge update will be released at the same time

  • Artax

    I’d like to see an option in the browser to be able to open tabs in the background, thats pretty basic.

    • Pianoman

      “I’d like to see an option in the browser to be able to open tabs in the background, thats pretty basic.” @Antrax You can already. Just pull down from the top in the black border and open a new page.

  • me

    No OS 2.1 on HTML5test yet so I don’t think it is ready yet

    • Porilaisten

      I got 393 for a score on 2.1

  • Unlikely Uncle

    Well look at that. I’m downloading a new bridge. NOT A TROLL!

  • Bunty

    I got the Bridge update too Something’s up for sure…we’ll know in a few hours!

  • Sean

    I can’t wait to try this out when I get home. I love the 7″ size, but the quirky UI and low volume while watching movies made me push it aside and buy an iPad instead. It also had issues when using my BT keyboard, that iPad didn’t suffer from.

    Time will tell.

  • Roman is available!

  • Dan

    downloading/installing now the 2.1 🙂

  • yadeed

    starting downloading 2.1

  • Dan

    I can select now the email I am sending from !!! One of my big issues was addressed

  • Porilaisten

    After updating I deleted my email account, restarted, and re-added it. Now it doesn’t ask for my password all the time!! YAY!

  • Sean

    Used it for a few days now and it’s fixed the quirky UI issues it was suffering from. Will definitely be using this as my travel entertainment device.