Windows Live Messenger to be folded into the Skype brand


  • Kevin

    I read “For the hundred…or so active Windows Live Messenger (or MSN Messenger) users out there..”

    And didn’t question it.

    • 45

      Hah! SOunds about right. I use MSN Messenger to chat to 2-3 people, but I can easily talk to them on Facebook, and it’d be seamless.

  • 7-Down

    Google+ Hangouts > Skype – Just sayin’

    • BD

      @7-Down – Since when did they integrate video chat using Google Hangout on an android? I’ve had a GS2 and a GNEX and never got updated to video call.

    • Matt

      @BD, early after launch…

  • DMan

    works on my old N95.

  • John

    What is Msn?

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Man, I haven’t used MSN in ages because it’s just been so stagnant.

    And now that Skype has ads everywhere with no option to opt-out I hardly use that either.

    Looks like Microsoft just doesn’t want my business when it comes to social…

  • Kid.Canada

    Last time I signed into MSN was way back in 2006 and I’m not planning to chat with people I no longer see anytime soon or ever.

  • PewZ

    This is a good change

  • haxor99


  • Zumba F(android)

    I think it played out like this:

    NSA offers billions to crack skype

    Microsoft buys skype but possibly overpays by billions

    Microsoft suddenly won’t say if they can listen in

    However they did mysterously get this patent for evesdropping

    And there you have it. Microsoft bought Skype with some NSA bonus money and immediately dropped in the backdoor the NSA wanted.

  • andy c

    Wow, end of a era.

    I lived off messenger and ICQ in university

  • duw

    Now I can rub the news into my stubborn WLM friends. 😀

  • Bloomg


  • Slappy

    I’m sure, being Microsoft, they will rename Skype every 6 months or so.

  • Anthony E.

    Bye bye MSN :'(.

  • Splum

    Skype is great at IMing. MUCH better than WLM. No tech issues, been using it to IM for months.

  • wewewi

    Please merge my old ICQ account as well!!

  • Zfahrenheit

    This would suck big time. Sine the time MS has taken over Skype service is getting worst.

    • Mark

      That’s not the only thing “getting worst”

  • Zod

    MSN got bloated with ads and crap. I still run an older version of it that was patched to remove all the crap. Most people don’t use it anymore.

    I did quite like both ICQ and MSN in their times, but with IM’s on phones, there’s not a big need for computer instant messaging anymore.

  • Bestsoup

    Wow you guys must be alot older than me. Just graduated high school few months ago. Since aroud grade 5 people asked for msns before we got phones. Grade 8 onwards it was msn+ phone #. I have 87 people online right now….

  • Simian

    I wonder how long they’ll grandfather the old client in or if the March 2013 is the dead line. This is going to be a huge headache for Enterprises that use MSN but are required to log conversations for compliance reasons.

  • David

    I was kinda forced to switch to that crappy MSN back then when everybody was leaving ICQ for it. Never liked it in the first place … not gonna shed a tear on its grave, ever! R.I.P.

  • Bongo

    @Simian, a lot of corporations have switched over from MSN to Lync (which is the replacement, also by Microsoft and works great with outlook)

  • Max

    Let’s be honest. Us social folk since 1998 all started on ICQ, then MSN came along and killed ICQ, now Facebook chat came along and destroyed MSN. Why? Because all the people you chat or need to message with are on facebook. I don’t use skype much and most friends I know don’t eiter.