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Nokia announces the Lumia 930, 630 and 635 running Windows Phone 8.1

As expected, Nokia announced a few new Lumia devices today, as part of the Windows Phone 8.1 launch. Up first is the 5-inch Lumia 930, a true successor to the Lumia 920 and the first flagship device from Nokia running WP8.1. Like the Verizon-exclusive Lumia Icon, the 930 sports a 1080p display, a 2.2Ghz quad-core


Nokia promises Windows Phone 8.1 for all WP8-powered Lumia devices

Nokia today promised an update to the existing range of Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices, offering Windows Phone 8.1 to its entire price range, from the low-cost 520 to the 1520. No word on when these updates are coming to Canadian Lumias, but you can rest assured it will be offered as soon as carriers


Nokia announces April 2nd “More Lumia” event

Nokia has scheduled an event in San Francisco on April 2nd to showcase “More Lumia,” furthering speculation that the company will launch new Windows Phone-based devices based on WP 8.1, which Microsoft is expected to unveil the same day. We’ve seen leaks of a so-called Lumia 1320 mid-range device, but the company is also expected


Microsoft-Nokia deal now expected to close in April

The Microsoft-Nokia deal, which saw the Redmond-based giant making a play for the Finnish OEM’s hardware and services division, is now expected to close in April. Though the $7.2 billion deal has been approved in Europe and North America, Asian regulators have held up the deal past its initial end-of-Q1 close date. The deal is


Nokia Lumia 520 GDR3 update now available on Rogers, TELUS, Chatr and Koodo

If you’re running Nokia’s cheapest and best-selling Lumia device, the 520, your Lumia Black GDR3 update is available on Rogers, Chatr, Koodo and TELUS. The build number is 3056.40000.1402.0001. While not every feature will be available for the 520 due to its hardware limitations, the core features, like an improved camera experience, better multitasking and Glance


The Nokia X line is not coming to Canada

Sad news for Canadians looking to purchase Nokia’s X line of Android-powered handsets, which were announced this week at Mobile World Congress. According to Jussi Nevanlinna, VP for Mobile Phone Marketing, in an interview on Nokia’s corporate blog, the X family will appear “pretty much everywhere except North America, Korea, and Japan.” The reason? Quite


Nokia unveils the Android-powered Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL

Nokia’s entry into the Android space was known for months, but this was only rumoured to be one device. At Mobile World Congress today, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (fellow Canadian), surprised the masses and showcased three Nokia Android-powered devices: Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL.