Videotron announces Q4 and full year 2015 results, subscriber base now tops 768,600

Ian Hardy

March 9, 2016 1:24pm

Videotron, the telecommunications arm of Quebec-based media giant, Quebecor, announced its Q4 2015 and year end results today. In the three month period ending on December 31th, the company saw a significant increase in both revenues and subscribers.

In Q3 2015, Videotron announced its wireless subscriber had grown by 39,600 to 742,500. One fiscal quarter later, the company is reporting a 26,100 increase in subscribers, bringing its total customer base to 768,600.

According to Videotron, its total 2015 subscriber growth represents largest annual increase in subscribers since 2011. In addition, Videotron says it is leading the industry as it saw a 21.5 percent growth in subscriber in 2015, representing 135,800 over the course of 12-months.

Total wireless average revenue per user (ARPU) increased in Q4 by $5.03 (11.7%) and wireless revenues for the year topped $116 million, which now represents 40.3 percent of total company revenues.

Manon Brouillette, President and CEO of Videotron, said, “I should also note that the spectrum we acquired in 2015 will secure the future of our mobile service offerings in Québec and in the Ottawa area.” Videotron previously noted it will not pursue plans to expand nationally but will continue to build out its LTE network in Quebec and parts of Eastern Ontario.

While it was not stated, some of the reasons for the increase in subscribers and revenue could be attributed to the recent launch of its Unlimited Music service and competitive monthly rate plans.

Videotron was also named as one of the “Best Brands 2016” by Canadian Business.

  • Techguru86

    If they don’t roll out Nationally, I’d like to see Wind/Shaw make some sort of deal with Videotron against the Big 3

    • alexb88

      Videotron customers can already roam nationwide for free, so I don’t see what Videotron would get out of a partnership with Shaw especially considering Wind Mobile’s current tiny footprint and lack of LTE. It seems like Shaw would be the only one benefiting from such a deal.

    • Goran Mihajlović

      Initially yes. Perhaps in a couple years with Shaw’s cash, it’ll be far more attractive.

    • Mike Scott

      Shaw already went out to say that the cheap business model is not what they’re going to run with.. so expect them to do EXACTELY what the big 3 are doing now – which is also hwhy we need a private company like wind was to go to battle instead of trying to appease the share holders

    • Omis

      Sorry but the only place i see wind being competitive is out west where Shaw is going against Telus. Ontario will be subsidizing everyone else’s cheaper phone rates.

  • Ricky Bobby

    768k is very impressive for only Quebec

    Imagine that, competition brings down prices. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec showing Canada how it’s done