Bell Let’s Talk Day raises record $6.3 million for mental health initiatives

Ian Hardy

January 28, 2016 12:35pm

Bell has been consistent with its commitment to help raise awareness of mental health programs in Canada. Yesterday, for the sixth year, Bell engaged the world with its Let’s Talk Day initiative by giving a nickel for every call or text made by Bell customers, and any Tweet with #BellLetsTalk or Facebook share with the Bell Let’s Talk image.

In 2015, $6,107,538.60 was raised, but 2016 broke that record with $6,295,764.75. Bell states it saw 125,915,295 calls, texts, tweets and shares, which represents an increase of 3.1 percent from last year, and brings the total donation to a total $79,919,178.55. Twitter saw a massive increase in usage with the #BellLetsTalk becoming the most-used hashtag in the world with 6,826,114 total tweets and retweets, up 43 percent year-over-year.

Mary Deacon, Chair of Bell Let’s Talk, said, “The all-Canadian Bell Let’s Talk has become a worldwide phenomenon, underlining what I think is a global aspiration for a major move forward in the way we view mental illness and practice mental health. Congratulations everyone, and thank you!”

Bell previously announced it will continue to program until 2020 and promised a total donation of $100 million to mental health initiatives.

Source Bell
  • Omis

    $3 million is going to help people that saw their phone bill last month.

  • fruvous

    I’m sure that will translate into a nice tax credit for them.

    • Elton Bello

      Thats why they do it…bell lol

  • Max Fireman

    Or Bell paid 6.3 for a massive advertising campaign?

    • Mr Dog

      Are you serious?


      they donate and don’t publicize it : bell is a horrible company they don’t donate to charities

      They do donate and publicize: such an add campin

      Ffs stop complaining cause someone, somewhere it likely benefiting a lot cause of this donation

    • Max Fireman

      Who said I was complaining?

    • MatroXX

      It was more of a cynical remark than complaining, yes.

    • Me Ted


      Think about it. The $6.3 they “gave” is a huge tax credit AND they got massive amounts of publicity because of it. I’ll bet they received more in the equivalent of advertising dollars than the $6.3 tax refunded amount they “paid out”.

    • MatroXX

      Fine, let them stop the campaign.
      Make it a government program to raise awareness funded by taxes.

    • Me Ted

      Absolutely. Corporate taxes.

    • Adil Butt

      THANK YOU!!!

      People on this site are ridiculous! They always complain about anything they can and never contribute anything positive to these forums.

      Just bitter people that are only good for unconditional criticism.

    • Me Ted

      If you don’t like the truth I suggest you move to the moon.

  • Brad Fortin

    With a reported ARPU of ~$65/mo and ~8 million customers, they made that much money by 8 AM the day of the campaign.

    No small chunk of change, though.

  • Elton Bello

    Where is my share?