Microsoft accidentally confirms Surface Mini existence

Douglas Soltys

June 20, 2014 5:26pm

Microsoft is currently host a pop-up Surface Pro 3 event in downtown Toronto, as part of its campaign to drum up interest in the laptop replacing tablet. However, Microsoft might be in danger of stealing its own thunder now that official references to the oft-rumored Surface Mini have come to light.

Similar to the slip up that confirmed the Surface Pro 3 a week ahead of its official announcement, a Surface Pro 3 user manual posted online by the company includes multiple references to the Surface Mini.

The Surface Mini was in fact expected to be revealed alongside the Pro 3, but rumours persist that new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella got cold feet and pulled the device. It’s unclear if the user manual references are the last remnants of a product pivot, or an indication that the Surface Mini will be eventually released, but one thing is certain: it does exist.

SourceThe Verge
  • Dave Courtemanche

    I’d love a Surface 3, but it’s pretty expensive, and a tad too large. This may be the answer.

  • Shaggyskunk

    “accidental” – lol – hah ha ha – Yeah right… accidental my *ss
    MS desperately needs some attention – What with just about every other manufacturer getting attention – MS is about as interesting as your grandfather’s Buick….

  • cookipuss

    Apple notebook running windows seven: best.