BlackBerry Passport, formerly known as ‘Windermere’, coming in September

Daniel Bader

June 19, 2014 8:32am

John Chen announced during BlackBerry’s quarterly earnings report that the company’s next phone will be called Passport. Previously known as ‘Windermere‘, the often-leaked QWERTY device will sport a 4.5-inch 1440×1440 pixel display and what we believe to be a touch-sensitive keyboard panel for easier autocorrection.

It’s interesting that BlackBerry is dropping the “Q” lettering from its QWERTY lineup; this, along with the Classic coming in November, indicates a change from the company’s typical naming scheme and a rejection of the BlackBerry 10 naming legacy that has heretofore failed to catch on.

Chen announced that the Passport will be announced at an event in London in September, but wouldn’t divulge any more information. He also noted that BBM for Windows Phone will launch in July.

  • Dimitri

    Hmmm if this device is what i am thinking it will be, i may just end up getting it. I got my sister the Z30 and i am starting to like how Blackberry is changing its ways to make things better and listen to customers ( good ones and not the trolls).

    Hopefully if this devices can just have a removable battery and stereo speakers like the Z30 ( Stereo speakers) i would gladly buy it. I own a Z10 and use it from time to time as i switch from my S5 and i love BB10.

  • yosrmite

    They should call it the ‘poptart’ since it looks like a big poptart lmao

  • Lirodon

    If I were them, I would have kept the Bold and Torch names (BlackBerry Bold X? Torch X?)

    But its too late now; my dad got a new job, and they gave him a Galaxy S5 as his work phone (even I was shocked, but thenagain they’re probably just as likely to give the Apple-aligned people shiny new 5S phones). BlackBerry is dead to me.

  • Detmolders

    These will be collector items.

  • John Smith

    they’ll sell dozens!!! silly dumb delusional canucks.

    • Jean Leblanc

      Dam Yankee, Maybe Obama will change the brand of phone he uses EH!

  • Michael Dodd

    Must have touch screen numbers and symbols. Probs an improvement on hitting the alt key or choosing the ios/android numbers option. Edges dont need to be rounded on qwerty phones. Still gagging for a convenience key to take me to my priority inbox or something along thoose lines.

  • revelationman

    I own a z10 now for almost a year now I have not had one single problem, BB10 is great system very underrated, but different strokes for different folks I choose security, functionality, and speed, BB10 does it for me.

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