HTC One Max to officially be unveiled October 15th, says WSJ

Ian Hardy

October 8, 2013 9:22am

Several pictures have surfaced online of HTC’s foray into the phablet space. According to the latest report from the Wall Street Journal and ‘two people familiar with the matter,’ HTC will officially unveil the One Max on October 15th – apparently this will be a global release, but no word yet on Canada.

The HTC One Max is expected to come with a 5.9-inch 1080p display, 1.5Ghz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, UltraPixel camera, dual-front speakers and 3300 mAh battery and a fingerprint sensor. WSJ makes a good point by stating that ‘it’s unclear what kind of applications its fingerprint sensor will have, or whether it could be used to authorize app purchases or other transactions as with the iPhone 5S.’

Source: WSJ
Via: Engadget

  • d094

    i want 8 ‘Ultrapixels’

  • silver_arrow

    They did get it right. It’s just Apple bought the company that made the fingerprint scanner in the Atrix so they couldn’t improve on it.

    • J-Ro

      The Atrix came out a year before Apple bought that company. That means they worked with them for likely a year before that. They had plenty of time to improve and even buy the tech for themselves.

  • vn33

    Wonder if this will have the same price range as the Z Ultra or Note 3 ??

    • Dimitri

      Most likely. Doubt they will raise the prices just for this. If they do, barely anyone would get it then. Rogers already has the lowest prices for the Note 3 (2 year term price at $249.99).

  • John

    Monster phone. Imagine how big a tech nerd you’d look like holding that to your ear. Phones bigger than 5″ should be banned.

    • vn33

      Why should it be banned? LOL

      We don’t live in North Korea so we actually can choose what we feel is suitable for us, don’t we ? I don’t think companies create big phones just to lose money, but because they believe there will be people who buys them, right ?

    • Guest

      You are right. Mobile Syrup just posted that

    • PT

      Welcome to today’s cell phone. Get use to it.

  • Plazmic Flame

    I think this is too late for HTC, maybe this should have been their first device…

  • Kabir Raza


  • stephen

    wow, this is one of the reasons why i’m getting the galaxy s5 as my next phone. samsung is working on a 64 bit processor for the s5 and apple just released the 5s with a 64 bit processor and htc is is still using a snapdragon s4 pro processor at 1.5 ghz speed, pretty sad. they’re also slow to update their phones and cut off a lot of their phones from further software updates just like my htc one s. i had to send out my one s two times in a row because it was so buggy. when its working properly its a good phone but i just don’t like how htc does nothing in terms of what i just mentioned to help themselves and does next to no advertising. sorry htc, i liked you guys before but i’m switching to samsung.